Holocaust Survivor Vera Sharav: The Nuremberg Code, “Stop the Master Plan Eugenics!”

The “Neue Rheinische Zeitung NRhZ” from Cologne published an interview with Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav (1) on 14 April. Ms. Sharav spoke with lawyer Dr. Füllmich and his team about “The Roots of Evil” at the 44th session of the Corona Investigation Committee. She described how, as a child, she was subjected to persecution by German fascism and therefore founded the “Alliance Human Research Protection” in the USA to protect people from medical arbitrariness and from human experimentation.

Hitler’s eugenics master plan included the “T-4 Action”, the systematic murder of people with physical, mental and psychological disabilities. The T4 Central Office (an abbreviation for the address Tiergartenstraße 4) was in charge. More than 200,000 people fell victim to these murders of the sick by 1945. Starting from Hitler’s master plan, Ms Sharav came to talk about today’s master plan “eugenics” by Rockefeller, Gates and Schwab. Her conclusion was:

“The virus is not the problem, …it is eugenics. Add to that – as was the case 70 years ago – the media’s alignment with government practice (2).”

Therefore, she made an urgent appeal to the Germans:

Stop the master plan eugenics!

The so-called Nuremberg Code was also mentioned.

Nuremberg Code

On 19 August 1947, the first of the so-called follow-up trials of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal ended before a military court in the Nuremberg Palace of Justice. Seven of the 23 accused doctors and health officials were sentenced to death and executed. They were all accused of criminal medical experiments and forced sterilisations. As a consequence, clear legal criteria were created that determined the extent to which medical experiments on human beings were “normal” experiments or crimes against humanity.

The Nuremberg Code is thus a central ethical guideline for preparing and carrying out medical, psychological and other experiments on humans and is one of the medical ethical principles in medical training. The ten points of the Nuremberg Code of 1947 state that in medical experiments on humans requires:

“the voluntary consent of the subject (is) absolutely necessary. This means that the person concerned must be capable in the legal sense of giving his consent; that he must be able to exercise his judgement, uninfluenced by force, fraud, trickery, pressure, pretence or any other form of persuasion or coercion; that he must have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the field in question in its details to be able to make an informed decision (3).”

Corona vaccination as a violation of the Nuremberg Code?

According to Professor Heike Egner, the International Criminal Court in The Hague “has accepted a complaint filed from Israel for violation of the Nuremberg Code by the Israeli government and Pfizer – the decision on this is now pending (4)”.

The complaint was filed by a group of lawyers, doctors and concerned citizens who want to exercise their democratic right,

“not to receive experimental medical treatment (COVID vaccine) and therefore feel under great and severe illegal pressure from the Israeli government (5).”


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By Dr. Rudolf Hänsel Via https://www.globalresearch.ca/holocaust-survivor-vera-sharav-stop-master-plan-eugenics/5744464