Escaping the Brave New World Episode 4: Taking Back Control of your Mind

In this episode of the New Lyre’s Podcast “Escaping the Brave New World,” David Gosselin and Cynthia Chung discuss William Sargant’s (a British psychiatrist linked to British intelligence, the Tavistock Institute, MK Ultra and Ewen Cameron’s LSD experiments at McGill) work in the field of mind control and how these techniques have been utilised in today’s forms of mass brainwashing.

In a world where the information we are exposed to is increasingly controlled, it is not only valid but is imperative that we ask ourselves the question, where do our personal beliefs and convictions truly stem from? In a world that is becoming increasingly divided, where we are told that we must choose a side in a matter, it is crucial that we are aware of what is governing our thoughts and actions throughout such tumultuous processes, otherwise, we risk these decisions being made for us. These questions and more will be discussed in this episode titled “Taking Back Control of Your Mind” and how one can begin the journey of exiting Plato’s Cave.