The Strategic Hour with Matt Ehret: The Ugly Roots of the Green New Deal Exposed

In this week’s episode of the Strategic Hour, Matt Ehret, and V the Guerilla Economist discuss the roots of the current drive to impose a green bankers dictatorship onto the world using a marketing ploy that turns FDR’s New Deal inside out.

Some of the topics explored include the rise of systems analysis and the new eugenics movement in the post-WW2 age guided by a manifesto laid out by Sir Julian Huxley in 1946, the rise of the Club of Rome’s Limits to Growth and the fanatical warfare conducted on human creative reason that has shaped the grand strategy of both modern Malthusians and all oligarchical managers for thousands of years.

Additionally, Matt Ehret takes some time to debunk the idea that CO2 is either a pollutant or the cause of climate change.