Watch: Parents Slam School Photo Op That Masked Kids Without Parental Permission

A mother and father in Rockwall, Texas are going viral after they delivered a fiery message at a local school board meeting on Tuesday.

Speaking first, the father, who is a black man, explained how upset he was to find out the school was teaching his children “they are at a disadvantage just because of the way they were born.”

After reading a passage from a book his children were made to read at school that pushed racial division, the father said, “Let me tell you something. I don’t subscribe to white supremacy.”

Explaining himself, he continued, “Because if I subscribe to white supremacy that means I have to subscribe to black inferiority and I’m a four-time Iraqi Freedom veteran, I am not inferior to anyone. Period!”

“You get out of this world what you put into it, and there’s no magical man pulling strings, holding my fate or my kids’ fate, who are half black, fate in their hands,” he added. “Because whatever agenda, this isn’t a black or white issue… conservative, liberal. This isn’t right. Why would we put in our kids’ heads that they can’t do something or they are at a disadvantage just because of the way they were born? It makes no sense! And so, I beg of you please look into the Lucy Calkins curriculum.”

Next, the man’s wife spoke to voice her outrage after the couple’s daughter was forced to wear a mask while on a safari hunt.

“She doesn’t even have a mask,” the mother began. “We don’t send her to school with a mask because we were told she did not need one. Why was my daughter forced to wear a mask that was not even hers on a safari hunt day? Why? That doesn’t make sense.”

She continued, “The only thing that does make sense is that that particular day y’all had, or not y’all I don’t know whose job it is to know these things or to make these decisions, someone had photographers there because they were going to post pictures of my kid and everybody else’s doing this safari hunt for the school website. So, for a photo op, my daughter had to wear a mask that I was told she would not have to wear.”

by Kelen McBreen Via