The Road To War

Western Europeans are barely getting any information about the very dangerous situation which has emerged. Similarities can be seen with WWII and the hybrid war, which are on the point of escalating into a full blown European or World War that may soon start in Ukraine.

The Road To War – Defender Europe 2021

The armament of NATO against Russia is bearing fruit: the danger of war is increasing by leaps and bounds, propaganda is at full speed. In Southeast Europe the game is ‘heating’ up. Around 28,000 soldiers, among them 10,000 from NATO, will go on a so-called ‘exercise‘ against Russia. The US is withdrawing their troops from Afghanistan, not for the Afghans, but for the coming war with Russia. The point of argument is over Ukraine, which had a coup d‘etat in 2014 by the US and EU. Joe Biden and his son took part in the coup and the money laundering Burisma case. Victoria Nuland, who is again in Biden‘s government, was one of the instigators of the coup, together with John McCain (+),founder of ISISJoe Biden (Illegal President of the US), and EU members Hans van Baalen (Dutch EU MP) and Guy Verhofstadt (Belgium ex-prime minister and EU MP), sponsored by George Soros‘s Open Society Foundation .
Defender Europe 2021 was not really mentioned in the statements made after Secretary of Defense of the USLloyd James Austin III spoke with the German Minister of Defense Annegret Kramp Karenbauer recently. The maneuver or war games will be the largest military so-called exercise in Europe since World War II. Coming May (most likely the start of the war or at least security issues and small fighting), four major exercises will take place in twelve EU countries. In one of the so-called exercises, more than 5,000 soldiers from eleven countries will spread across Europe for live-fire exercises.

From May 6 to 28, 2021, large convoys of the US Army will roll through Germany. During the US’ so-called exercises, Germany will become the logistical hub due to its geostrategic location near Ukraine, the heart of Europe, so to speak. Recently Germany has changed its law, demanding nightly curfews for the so-called pandemic, which is also needed for the convoys, which can roll through Germany during the curfew. According to the German statistics, the pandemic‘s hotspot is Eastern Germany, bordering Poland, the exact road for the convoys. The Eastern Bundeslander have a low population, isolated villages with a bad infrastructure, but of course a very sophisticated ‘Autobahnen‘. Germany, which has a bad experience in WWII with the Russians, they lost, thank God for that, once again want to confront Russia. The Navalny propaganda case has played in Germany. He’s a so-called opposition member who has perhaps 2 or 3% of support in Russia. The Nord Stream II gas scandal, which has become a geopolitical game, is also a dangerous one!

The Ukrainian Burisma Case And Other Hack

In January 2020, the little-known IT company AREA-1 Security, of American origin, published a short report on how hackers tried to gain access to computers of the Ukrainian Burisma gas company. Russia has been held responsible for the cyber attack. The full evidence was, as usual, fabricated, and only Russian-speaking hackers had to necessarily endanger Hunter Biden so that it would be seen as a Russian hack. In Ukraine, many people speak Russian though. Why did they have to hack and discredit the Burisma computers? Of course, because Joe Biden’s son was involved in it and the son of a US Presidential candidate could not be blamed for taking money from the Ukrainian government.

Oren Falcowitz, the CEO of AREA- 1, was a donor and cyber-security consultant to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. Previously, he was an employee of the NSA. In addition, he is the director of research and development for John Morgan, a Democrat and member of the New Hampshire State Senate (23rd constituency) and previously a member of the United States Department of Defense. Unfortunately, none of America’s “best journalists” paid any attention to this case, but of course journalism is dead and turned into state propaganda in the US and Europe.

The fact is that the entire Burisma hack story happened on the eve of Trump’s impeachment in the US Senate and the Democrats urgently needed to come up with new “evidence” of the US president’s collusion with Russia. A whole operation was developed to prove this. But as we now know, it didn’t work. The Senate considered all suspicions against Trump, at that time, irrelevant. Now the US and nearly all EU countries are dismissing Russian diplomats for the so-called hack in Burisma, the election meddling of the US elections, and the so-called accidents that happened due to hacks from Russia. A lot of these cases are not proven, but are a pathway towards hybrid warfare, which can lead to real war!

Russia‘s Preparation For War

The mayor of the Russian city of Cherepovets has issued an ordinanceto designate locations where “urgent” victims should be buried in times of war. The city is located about 375 kilometers from Moscow, 800 kilometers from the border with Ukraine, and about 600 kilometers from the NATO countries of Estonia and Latvia. This is not the only city or preparations made throughout Russia, though. People are prepared for war with the US and Europe. Like in Jeljna, city of honor, where a heavy battle took place in 1941. I am sure many other cities or places in Russia around Ukraine are prepared, but is Europe prepared? Yes, NATO is prepared, but not for protection for civilians, who are living under heavy lockdowns and restrictions that have never been seen before. Even during WWII, people could go out on the streets in the occupied countries.

The propaganda is at full speed, the assination attempt on the leader of Belarus, Lukasheko, the sanctions, the expulsion of Russian diplomats, the Navalny hype (he is dying ,they say), and the build-up of troops in Europe, only for exercises they say. In the coming days and weeks we will experience more propaganda, assisination attempts, the continuation of the hybrid war, and most of all, many lies and much propaganda.