COVID passports – what about the naturally immune? [Letter from Great Britain – 04-17-21]

rumours have been circulating on social media that insurers are cancelling policies for those who are vaccinated – this is UNTRUE.  The insurance industry will be a good guide to the future effects of adverse reactions should they grow to proportions enough to increase life risk exponentially – so these are the boys to watch.  In the meantime it is worth noting:

AND – the pubs are open again this week (outside only) so we went off last Monday to savour our new-found freedom – joke! And I was delighted to see all our regulars enjoying a beer without wearing masks.  Thank goodness others are now seeing the futility of this religious imposition – hope is returning!

My wife and I had Covid-19 in January 2020 when my son became infected in Finland over Christmas 2019 having mingled with some Chinese people.  All the family got the bug, with most of the symptoms, which later became widespread. Therefore I suppose we have natural immunity which could be confirmed if we take an antibody test, assuming it’s valid, unlike the RT-PCR tests.

The author in this Off-guardian article, linked at the bottom, asks how we, the unvaccinated, will be included in the fascist biosecurity state emerging in UK.  It is possible that those with natural immunity, and having taken the jab, are at high risk of developing antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). )

There is an important issue that, in the midst of all the talk of vaccines, has not gotten nearly the attention it deserves: the civil rights of those who have already developed natural immunity to the SARS-CoV-2, the virus that is said to cause Covid-19.  Yesterday, a reporter got the results of the test he took to detect whether he had developed a T-Cell response to the virus.  Like the antibody test he took almost 2 months ago, it was positive.

These two things would appear to demonstrate that for all intents and purposes his body knew exactly what to do with this virus and that it probably has the equipment to dispose of it again were it, or one of its cousins, to revisit him in the near-to-medium term.  And even if one or another related strain were to visit him in future, studies suggest strongly that the attack would be considerably less virulent than the one he overcame without excessive trouble in December – just like me.

In a halfway rational world, what to do going forward in regard to getting a vaccine for the SARS-CoV-2 virus would be something we should discuss with a doctor in the discreet quarters of the examination room. Were it to be offered, we would politely refuse it. And he, seeing the test evidence in the file, would raise no objection – I hope and trust – but it’s not a given as it seems the doctors themselves have little knowledge of this disease as we know here on TBP through all the articles and information we have to hand.  This is what our NHS says about informed consent:

And since the danger in the future from the virus is minuscule, and the science has clearly borne out what Fauci and Maria Van Kerkhove of the WHO flatly said was true before someone upstairs got to them—that asymptomatic transmission of respiratory diseases of this type is virtually non-existent— we would be free to live our lives as we please without a mask, and with complete freedom of movement.

But instead of this, we are facing enormous pressure to get a vaccine in order to recover our basic rights as a citizen. And even then, those in charge are saying, we will still have to run around with a completely useless, breath-robbing and personality-cancelling mask.  And all this for a disease that, even before the introduction of vaccines, gave those infected by it a roughly 997.5 out of 1,000 chance of survival.

The civil authorities in Britain have decided, in effect, that fully indemnified pharmaceutical companies, whose pasts are obscenely littered with fraud, and the calculated creation of crises in order to up revenues on their products (OxyContin anyone?), have the de facto “right” to force an experimental vaccine that, in the very, very best of circumstances, will only match what our apparently well-functioning, God-given body has already given us without any side effects. So why is our government so desperate to vaccinate everybody they can find?

And this, while straight out claiming that even if we submit to their government-coerced medical experiment I will probably still not get my full constitutional rights back. This is an important issue that needs to be addressed much more vigorously than has been the case until now.

AND who will they blame when the next wave arrives?  This is a government report so it’s not fake news:

“You might want to bear this fact in mind whenever you hear the propagandists nattering about “vaccine passports” to separate the privileged vaccinated from the rest of us, or about restricting the liberties of people who decline to be guinea pigs. Such talk isn’t about health, and it certainly isn’t about “science.” It’s a police-state project, pure and simple – built out of public hysteria, stoked with lies – and has exactly the same moral legitimacy as those infamous yellow stars Jews were required to wear under Nazi rule.

And there’s still more. Calling these experimental drugs a cure for a public health hazard turns reality on its head. In fact, the drugs themselves constitute a public health hazard.  Mind you, this isn’t conjecture; it is a simple fact of regulatory procedure. The FDA (never known to be excessively conservative where Big Pharma is concerned) at least requires certain animal-testing protocols to be followed before it approves drugs for human use. But the COVID19 “vaccines” have been specifically exempted from such tests.

What is more, that departure from basic safety procedures was premised on the false assumption that COVID19 represents an “emergency.” In fact, as scientists like Denis Rancourt have been showing for months, all-cause mortality figures for the United States have seldom been outside ordinary parameters since at least last summer. That rules out the existence of a health “emergency” – you can’t have an “emergency” when mortality figures fall within normal ranges – and absent an emergency, there’s no excuse for cutting short the normal testing requirements. And yet that’s exactly what our governments have done – with the approval of the so-called “health experts” you see quoted in the MSM, a fact that tells you all you need to know about whom those “experts” really work for.”

So brace yourselves, folks: we’re about to witness a huge, government-funded marketing campaign in which doctors will tell us that if we ever hope to have some of the rights that were supposed to come with a democracy, we’re going to have to get The Shot.

True, those of us who can’t help using the right names for things will call this crude jailhouse threat what it ought to be called: blackmail. But scientists call it “unbiased, unpoliticised facts and data from doctors and medical professionals,” and you can bet your bottom dollar that’s what the news media will call it, too.

In Britain, vaccine passports are not only being considered, the government are actively ‘testing’ the public, flying a kite to see the response which at present is rising to meet the challenge.  “Once the vaccine passport has become normalized to enter those venues, it would then be far easier to introduce it in other settings such as pubs and restaurants.

“Downing Street did not rule out allowing use of Covid passports in clothes shops when pressed for clarity on when the certificates would be used,” reports the Daily Mirror. “We have been clear that we will not require them as businesses reopen in stages two and three of the roadmap,” said a government spokesperson, once again refusing to offer clarity on whether they would be required beyond stage three after June 21.”

BUT – why are the authorities pushing vaccines so hard using every possible coercive measure to get as many people as possible to take the jab, even children and babies who have no risk whatsoever to Covid-19?  This scientific research article explains what might be going on:

“Many  have  raised  the  warning  that  the  current  epidemic  of  COVID-19 is actually the result of a bioweapons attack released in  part  by  individuals  in  the  United  States  government  [10,11].  Such a theory is not far-fetched given that the 2001 anthrax attack in the US originated at Fort Detrick, a US army bioweapon facility. Because  the  FBI’s  anthrax  investigation  was  closed  against  the  advice of the lead FBI agent in the case, there are likely conspirators still working in the US government. In such a scenario the primary focus  of  stopping  a  bioweapons  attack  must  be  to  apprehend  the  conspirators or the attacks will never cease. Approving a vaccine, utilizing novel RNA technology without extensive testing is extremely dangerous. The vaccine [itself] could be a bioweapon and even more dangerous than the original infection.”

The British ‘Yellow Card’ vaccine adverse events reporting system is constantly updated weekly. The UK Government finally admitted that the AstraZeneca vaccine was to blame for the reports of dangerous blood clots that have also been seen in countries around the world, but is that all we have to worry about?   Take a look at these events – it’s frightening that the MSM ignore this:  The final conclusion: “We’ll leave you with the line that the UK Government and MHRA have used to justify these reported deaths as adverse reactions to the Covid jabs  ‘The majority of these reports were in elderly people or people with underlying illness.’  If only they’d applied that logic to the alleged COVID-19 deaths, the world would probably be a much nicer and happier place today.”

It now appears that the NHS Accident & Emergency departments are being swamped by people with ‘headaches’ after having the jab.  Even the MSM have noted this which will do nothing to ‘convince’ the public to have experimental gene therapy against their own judgement:

This video interview with a German lawyer explains clearly what is actually going on and he is building a class-action case against the main perpetrators at this very moment which gives us hope:

Britain’s government Pysops department is at it again, imposing psychological weaponry to achieve social engineering objectives.  This MUST stop and these academics must be prosecuted, as was done at Nuremberg, against this type of Nazi control. Even the MSM have picked it up, which is hopeful: “They say certificates, like vaccine passports, may also encourage people to behave as though they are no longer at risk, discarding masks and ignoring social distancing. The paper, which has not yet been peer reviewed, was written by a group of eight psychologists and behavioural scientists, all but one of whom take part in the government advisory body on the pandemic known as Scientific Pandemic Insights Group on Behaviours (SPI-B).” . The sooner these control freaks realise that the great British public will not conform to their horrendous dictates and hopefully crawl back into their academic black holes, the better.

With all MSM concentrating on the ‘virus’ we are missing geopolitics and the rising risks of a major confrontation as the Anglo/American Empire (Oceania) loses its global grip.  “This is where truly global danger lies – in the hazy gap between words and deeds in the intensifying trilateral struggle between superpowers. Will Putin, goaded by Biden’s “killer” insult and numerous intractable disputes, call the US president’s bluff? On the other side of the world, will Xi?  Is Xi simply trolling the Washington proles? Or will he defy them and make a move on Taiwan soon? The Orwellian nightmare for Biden and the west would be a simultaneous Russian invasion of Ukraine and a Chinese attack on Taiwan.  Oceania’s choice:”

UK has agreed a trade deal with the EU. I will comment on the progression of this deal as it affects the UK economy. 

The government’s monthly trade figures come with a health warning – and rightly so. A combination of Covid-19 and Brexit means it is impossible to draw any firm conclusions about the trend from a single month’s data.

Look at what has happened to the UK’s exports to the EU. These collapsed by a revised record of 42% in January but, according to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), subsequently rose by more than 46% in February.

Some bounce-back in February was always to be expected. Towards the end of 2020 there was a lot of stockpiling as firms anticipated disruption as a result of the new UK-EU trading arrangement. That was a wise precaution because it is clearly taking time for businesses – on both sides of the Channel – to adjust. That process was not helped by the lockdown measures imposed across the UK in response to a fresh ‘wave’ of the coronavirus scamdemic.

To be continued next week.

By Austrian Peter Via