The Orange Fail “Fires” Fauci . . .

Now that it no longer matters, because he is no longer president and so hasn’t got the power to fire Pope Fauci, the Orange Fail has “fired” him, along with the Scarf-Diaperer.

Based on their interviews, I felt it was time to speak up about Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx, two self-promoters trying to reinvent history to cover for their bad instincts and faulty recommendations, which I fortunately almost always overturned.”

Too bad he didn’t “feel it was time to speak up” six months ago.


No, Orange Man – you did not “overturn” the “recommendations” of these two – ever. You stood there like a spray-tanned wooden indian for months, in the background, while Pope Fauci and the Scarf-Diaperer were given the podium and allowed by you to weaponize hypochondria and to “normalize” the “practice” of disturbingly abnormal sickness kabuki, including the enforced by “mandates”  wearing of Face Diapers by healthy people who cannot spread a sickness they haven’t got, that presents almost no risk of death to those healthy people if they get the sickness – which the wearing of a rag over their faces will not prevent.

You let that pass, all of it. When you had the power to prevent it.

Or at least, could have tried to prevent it. As by pointing out that people who aren’t sick can’t spread sickness – and that it is dangerous and vicious to presume everyone is sick absent evidence they are. That it is vicious and dangerous to force-close businesses that no one was forced to enter, if they feared getting sick. That it is evil to curb-stomp whatever remained of free association.

You amen’d it.

All of it.

“Deadly China virus” . . . over and over and over.

You also imposed – and never rescinded – the “national emergency” decree that is still in force and which gave the power to state and local gesundheitsfuhrers to destroy the livelihoods of millions of Americans and the normalcy of life in America.

You let these creatures – whom you had the power to fire or at least not promote – scare the shit out of the population and thus established the predicate for mass absentee voting, which you did nothing to prevent even though any imbecile could have seen what it meant. That being an unprecedented opportunity to “count” votes never vetted, en masse. You did nothing to even try to assure that these unvetted votes would at least be vetted before they were counted.

You let them be counted – and then Tweeted after the fact that the election was “stolen.” Which it probably was.

Which is why you are no longer in a position to fire either of them.

Which is why Pope Fauci is still the pope while you are the loser, pandering to the fools who are still willing to support your failed presidency.

Who are the real losers – the saps – if they continue to fall for your self-promotional dog-and-pony show.

They had bad policy decisions that would have left our country open to China and others, closed to reopening our economy, and years away from an approved vaccine — putting millions of lives at risk.”

Bad policy decisions? Were you the president? Or were you their poodle? It is one – or the other. Don’t blame them for doing what you let them do. Which they did to us. Which you did to us.

And then this “vaccine” business – which, by cheerleading for, as you are now doing – you affirmEverything Fauci and the Scarf Diaperer have said and done so far. You amen their virulent but contrived hysteria about a virus that does not kill 99.8-something percent of the healthy population, urging on them the necessity of 100 percent “vaccinations” else “putting millions of lives at risk.”

What millions, Orange Man?

Even if one accepts the ludicrously overstated death tally attributed to the “virus” thus far – a tally that seems to incorporate every death so far, including every death from ordinary flu and ordinary old age as well as practically every other thing, even to include motorcycle accidents – it is in the several hundred thousands. And it is about the same – or less – in the aggregate as the number of Americans who die in any other year from the usual things that result in people dying.

Such as old age and the complications thereof.

You now lend your weight to the narrative demanding Needling for All, which is the same as coming out in support of Vaccine Passports for All. It is hard to imagine anything more dangerous to the “freedom” you nebulously talked about as president but seem to have no real understanding of.

Or, something worse.

Perhaps it is your role to amen the Jab – as it was your role to enable the weaponization of hypochondria, which might well have been a more difficult thing to achieve had a “liberal” rather than a Potemkin “conservative” been president.

Had she been president.

It probably would have meant more resistance to the weaponization of hypochondria, by conservatives, at least. Instead, they waited for you to do something. They squinted hard and they tried to read between the lines; as they imputed to you beliefs you did not share but which they desperately believed you did. They were encouraged by the sight of you sometimes Undiapered, which enabled them to pass over the sight of you Diapered.

They hoped and they waited. And they were failed – because you did. Because you are.

Please, go away. The damage you’ve done already is incalculable. The country cannot stand any more.