On Not Needling

Rational people are defined by their refusal to do irrational things. They ask why – as opposed to saying, ok.

A fine example of this would be a healthy person’s decision to not wear a “mask” – or permit himself to be “vaccinated” for an illness that poses next-to-nil threat of serious illness to a healthy person.

It would be like someone in their 20s going coffin-shopping. Or giving up driving because there is a small chance they might die in a car wreck.

But granny might die! Well, then granny should wear a “mask” – or stay home. Just as granny shouldn’t drive if she can’t see.


Mean spirited? No more so than a blind person insisting no one else can drive because they can’t see.

Why wear a “mask” when you aren’t sick?

It makes as much sense as wearing a raincoat when it isn’t raining. It makes even less sense to partially wear it, as many perfectly healthy people who wear these “masks” regularly do, as for example when entering a restaurant – and then not wearing it when they sit down to eat. This is as preposterous as taking a raincoat off and on in a thunderstorm.

It’s either “raining” – or it isn’t.   

The truth is these people are pathetic Kabuki performers who believe in the theater of obedience. If they really believed it was “raining” the ‘Rona, they’d never lower their “masks.” That would be like taking off one’s raincoat in the middle of a thunderstorm.

It would be worse, actually. Would you ever take off your “mask” in a closed room full of people exhaling hantavirus Or for that matter any virus you actually believed might kill you?

That they do take off their “masks” – which are often just old bandanas or disposable dust masks anyhow – after performing the required Kabuki –  in order to be allowed to engage in what used to be considered normal everyday interactions – is as much a measure of their slavish poltroonery as it is of their hypocrisy.

Why get a “vaccine” – as this unknown substance they are trying to cajole and even force us all to take is styled – when you aren’t sick?

One that might very well make you sick?

The facts about the risk of the “vaccine” are not known. We don’t even know what’s actually in the “vaccine.”

But they want us to put this in our bodies.

What rational person allows himself to be injected with a “vaccine” that contains who-knows-what and which might cause who-knows-what manufactured by legally immunized pharmaceutical cartels with a massive monetary motive to establish a regime of forced mass “vaccinations”?

Meanwhile, it is known that the ‘Rona does not kill 99.8-something percent of the healthy population. What rational person willingly assumes an unknown risk – that of taking a “vaccine” of who-knows-what that might do who-knows-what – which the manufacturers of have eliminated their risk of being held accountable for in the event you do get sick?

Would you buy a car on this basis?

Would a company be allowed to sell a car on this basis?

Rational people ask such questions – and expect answers. They get pressured, instead. They are characterized as “anti” vaccines. Which is the same as saying rational people are “anti” wearing of raincoats in the sunshine.

It is true – but not in a derogatory sense.

It is true in a rational sense. The problem is that the rational – who ask rational questions and demand rational answers – are being pathologized by the pathological.

There is an assertion about the “vaccine” that bears examination. It is claimed to be “95 percent” effective. That 5 percent not-effective is a much higher number – several whole numbers higher – than the fractional number representing the known risk of “the virus” to healthy people.

Why is it being characterized as unhealthy to point out such incongruities? To ask rational  questions based upon such factual considerations?

There is also the very real risk of normalizing this pathologically dangerous business of insisting that healthy people submit to “vaccinations” of who-knows-what, with all the risk of the taking thereof on the person being injected with who-knows-what as a general principle.

Not just this “vaccine.”

Future “vaccines” – which the pushers of this “vaccine” are already openly saying there will be more of. Given that The Variants! The Variants! – the ululation which is replacing The Cases! The Cases! – are potentially innumerable, it is likely there will be innumerable “vaccines” pushed upon the population, there being quite a lot of money to be made when you can force the entire population – or almost all of it – to take your product.

Especially when you’re not liable for whatever harm your product ends up inflicting on the people who are forced to take it.

How much is your health – which is fine right now and probably has been since before this mess began – worth to you? How about your future fertility? How about the risk that your joints might ache for the rest of your life? These are some of the known risks – the admitted risks – of the “vaccine.”

The liability for which is all yours, baby.

How much unknown risk are you willing to assume – for the sake of avoiding the well-known nearly nil risk of more than maybe feeling not-so-good for a few days?

If you even get sick at all.

If – as asserted – the “vaccine” is so very safe, then why are the manufacturers legally immunized from any harms it may cause? Perhaps if the same liability were in force that is in force for the manufacturers of cars, there would be less skepticism about these “vaccines.”

Rational people weigh such considerations.

Irrational people are carried away by their fears – and by their pathetic willingness to assume the risk of god-knows-what and the absolute certainty of some very unpleasant future things to come for the sake of being allowed to resume a degree of their formerly “normal” lives.

They agreed to this a priori – when they submitted to the Kabuki of “mask” wearing, the whole point of which was to suborn not just their but everyone else’s submission to the “vaccine.”

One follows the other as logically as accepting a hand on the thigh often leads to hands placed elsewhere. Can you feel it making its next move?

The whole point of the “masking” was – and remains – to get 100 percent of the population to demonstrate publicly that they are terrified of a “virus” that doesn’t kill 99.8-something percent of the population.

In order to force 100 percent of them to accept a “vaccine” 99.8-something percent of them need like they need a raincoat in a thunderstorm – only with consequences that are far worse than merely looking like an idiot.

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