War Policy and Banking

Surprisingly, with the financial crisis, the ascendancy of Occupy and the Wikileaks revolution that’s increasingly weakening imperial power, critical thought on the relationship between banking and war policy has never been more absent. You can’t forget, after the repressed information becomes lucid, that banks fund both sides of modern wars – except Palestine- a fact that has been deliberately suppressed.

In the apocalyptic atmosphere of ever triumphalist imperialism, the ruling class fends off revolution by means of the vast resources they possess for social control. All the secretive national security agencies, beneath the mystique, share a surprisingly simple aim: to protect banks, and therefore wars, from threats to their hegemony. The national security agencies are propaganda organs for corporate rule and systematically spread disinformation about socialism, the maligned, revolutionary philosophy associated with Marx that speaks to aspirations to organise society to meet social needs, share public solidarity and stoke international peace.

The malevolent nature of these ideological nerve centres is such that the state grants them the unique, dubious privilege of being exempt from the social contract, as they perpetrate vast crimes against humanity that they aren’t held accountable for.

CIA history:

This impenetrable impunity that the intelligence cartel has, deriving from violations of the constitution, is evident most in their favourite game: ruthless, systematic coups against non-aligned powers, coups that repress indigenous democracy.

Since its foundation, at a time a strong American left were breaking up monopolies, the CIA has sleeplessly bombarded socialists with sanctions, disinformation and murder. The rise of socialist China during the era of military adventurism for US venture capital in the Middle East has dispelled the myth of a unipolar world where America writes the rules, leaving the CIA in existential crisis, with a credible rival and without full spectrum dominance of ideology globally.

As John Lennon and the civil rights movement knew, the CIA exploit vast asymmetries in capabilities with protest movements to organise sophisticated, targeted campaigns of harassment against powerful anti imperialists. They subvert any threats to the centralised capitalist command over political and cultural narrative. All the figures of integrity and virtue from the 60s counterculture were neutralised through COINTELPRO.

A comparable program was Project MKULTRA, a study into hypnotic states of consciousness that probably sought to inaugurate the rule of the status symbol oriented society, and definitely sought to reform people’s thought and behaviour along pro-capitalist lines. If speculation on the web is to be believed there are numerous handlers and victims in politics, academia and the media, and the rumour is that the program harnessed ancient magical techniques known only to those with degrees of initiation into the mysteries.

The public mind is the systematic target of MKULTRA. It’s fed a junk diet of corporate symbols it’s manipulated into forging an affinity with, and the symbols are transmitted through hypnotic institutions like media and telly. The journalist Julian Assange commendably ruptured this matrix with Wikileaks, his experiment in whistleblowing systems engineering. The response from the establishment and imperialist media was to frame Assange for rape entirely without evidence and repress public acknowledgement of his asylum status.

The war machine is an avatar of grand corruption and great secrecy amongst global financial elites, whose fortunes thrive off public disorientation, confusion and apathy. Imperialist media conjures illusions of immoral cultural deviance in targeted nations, as lies are rehearsed and repeated till they’re believed. This is a media that completely inverts reality. The effect on political consciousness is perverse, making a far right fundamentalist agenda of privatisation of foreign infrastructure to ameliorate it into the US economy look normal and rational policy extreme.

The CIA have protected banking monopolies that invest in war, terrorism and global warming from the threat of international human brotherhood. Without the inception of the CIA a strong American left would have broken up banking cartels and brought an end to war. No doubt that this is what 1984 hinted at, the myth it was about Stalin was CIA anti communist strategy. The only hope for freedom today is to remember, and preach, that banks fund both sides of wars.

Via https://www.globalresearch.ca/war-policy-banking/5741603