Which U.S. States Have Lifted COVID-19 Restrictions?

“Impending Doom”: The words the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, chose Monday to describe where the U.S. was headed with the current opening strategy have been repeated countless times. But if the country will make it to the end of the coronavirus pandemic without more harm inflicted depends on whether her plea will have consequences.

While no new states were added to the tally since mid-March, 14 U.S. states have already lifted almost all coronavirus restrictions, according to information published by The New York Times and Kayak. No mask mandates, no stay-at-home orders or interstate travel quarantines were in place in Florida, Texas and Georgia as well as in parts of the Midwest and South, while businesses in the states were again almost fully opened.

According to Johns Hopkins University, six out of these 14 opened-up states are currently experiencing rising case numbers again. In mid-March, only one of them had been recording more new cases. These new outbreaks in opened-up states are currently underway in the Deep North and Midwest Plains as well as in Florida. Opened-up states which are reporting stagnating case numbers include Texas, Georgia and Mississippi.

The state that remained under most coronavirus restriction was California, where L.A. county as well as San Diego and San Francisco are still seeing many new cases.

Alaska was also mostly opened up, but still enforces an interstate travel quarantine. All opened-up states have Republican governors.

Via https://www.statista.com/chart/21423/us-states-lifting-covid-19-restrictions/