On April 1, a convoy carrying logistic supplies and communication equipment for the US-led coalition came under attack near the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

According to the Sabereen News, the convoy was hit by an impressive explosive device as it was passing in the district of Abu Ghraib to the west of Baghdad.

“The convoy, which was heading to Ain Assad Base, was subjected to an indirect fire attack.” The Telegram channel, which is close to Iranian-backed groups in Iraq, said in a post. “The operation caused damage to a GMC truck belonging to the so-called coalition, without resulting in any human losses.”

A mysterious group identifying itself as the International Resistance claimed responsibility for the attack, according to Iraqi sources.

The International Resistance is one of many small armed groups which attack US supply convoys and bases in Iraq on a regular basis. These groups adopt a pro-Iranian ideology. Their attacks are a response to the to the assassination of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis Deputy-Commander of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units and Iran’s Quds Force Commander Qassim Soleimani.

So far, the US-led coalition has failed to stop the attacks on its supply convoys and bases in Iraq. In the recent months, the number of attacks increased. Despite the serious threat posed by pro-Iranian forces, Washington doesn’t appear to be planning to pull its troops out of Iraq any time soon.

Via https://southfront.org/international-resistance-blows-up-us-supply-convoy-near-iraqi-capital/