Video: Biden’s Handlers Shout At Reporters To Get Out Of Oval Office

After the press was invited to take footage of Joe Biden signing the Paycheck Protection Program extension into law, they were aggressively told to get out of the Oval Office by the president’s handlers before they could ask any questions.

Biden just sat there, with the ever lurking Kamala Harris behind him, while reporters desperately shouted questions, with Biden’s staff shouting back at them to leave the room:

After Biden’s disastrous press conference last week, and the deepening crisis at the border, his handlers are not taking any chances.

They forcefully shoo away reporters whenever they get too close to him.

After weeks of avoiding the issue and denying the press access to migrant holding facilities, the administration finally granted two reporters permission to enter the facility in Donna, Texas, where previous footage and photos was leaked from.

This must be the prettier of the facilities, given that they let the CBS and AP reporters visit it, yet it still looks like fresh hell:

Over 4,100 children are being held in the facility, which only has a capacity of 250. Therefore, it is 1700 percent above capacity: