Artificial Intelligence Powers Mineral Rights Investing

The United States is one of the few countries where individuals can participate in mineral rights investing; the majority of other countries around the world maintain governmental control of all the country’s mineral rights.

Traditionally, only large investors had the resources to invest in the land and professional services critical to reaping the benefits of mineral rights investing in the oil and gas market. Today, artificial intelligence (AI) technology has opened that potentially lucrative industry to individuals with as little as $300.

While AI has already entered the oil and gas market, its application has been typically focused on maximizing current drilling processes, procedures, and equipment within the industry itself.

Brane’s AI solution focuses instead on mining the reams of existing, yet disorganized information, around well creation to predict where future wells will be drilled. By using machine learning and advanced analytics, Brane’s solution will be able to help investment firms select the tracks of land with the highest likelihood of holding valuable mineral rights before the price for those mineral rights skyrockets.

Today, a new, low-cost channel to mineral rights investing exists. Individuals are invited to invest in the proprietary, predictive AI software from Brane Inc. for as little as $300. By becoming a part-owner of Brane Inc., you will have an opportunity to share in profits, if any, generated by investment firms that use this advanced analytic software tool to attempt to increase mineral rights investing success.

Invest in Brane Inc. today and be on the cutting edge of future mineral rights investing within the profitable oil and gas industry. It’s an opportunity that has never before existed and promises potentially great returns.