Festival Trendies Demand Singer Be Removed From Lineup For Opposing Vaccine Passports

Dopamine starved trendies, desperate to get to any form of music festival and take 900 million selfies of themselves in masks, taking COVID tests, and accepting all kinds of draconian restrictions in exchange for some “fun” are now demanding that singer Ian Brown be cancelled because he has vocally opposed the introduction of vaccine passports in order to attend music events.

It remains to be seen whether any from of vaccine passport will be used at the festival, but if it is Brown will almost certainly refuse to appear anyway, having recently pulled out of other events that have decided to implement such systems.

Brown, the former front man of The Stone Roses, was announced as part of the line up of the TRNSMT festival in Glasgow, scheduled for September this year. However, subservient normies have demanded the singer be removed from the bill because of his opinion.

In response to the calls for cancelation, others defended Brown’s right to have a different opinion:

As we have extensively covered, the UK government has announced that “Covid-19 certification” is coming to enable people to attend sports events and go to theatre performances, but has also denied that COVID passports are being introduced.

Despite repeatedly assuring the public that domestic vaccine passports to enter pubs would be discouraged, Prime Minister Boris Johnson last week signaled that landlords could mandate them when pubs begin to open next month.

Via https://summit.news/2021/03/29/festival-trendies-demand-singer-be-removed-from-lineup-for-opposing-vaccine-passports/