Campaigner Calls For 2 Year Lockdown, Government Permission to Leave House

A campaigner on Twitter is calling for the UK government to impose a lockdown that lasts for a minimum of 2 more years as well as a law where citizens would have to apply for government permission to leave their homes.

Yes, really.

The account came to attention yesterday after a bizarre post that also called for a 24 hour curfew during winter and only “one essential shop trip allowed by law” per week.

The owner of the account describes herself as a “feminist,” a “vegan” and a “Zero Covid Activist” and has the EU and LGBT flags in her bio as well as her pronouns.

Another tweet which features a video of people protesting inside a grocery store in the UK asserts, “Anti-Maskers are TERRORISTS.”

The activist believes that the on and off lockdowns the UK has been under for the past year weren’t proper lockdowns and a true lockdown has never been implemented (presumably she would support China’s method of welding people inside their own homes).

The content of her tweets is so rampantly authoritarian and extremist that many people wondered if it was all one huge parody, but apparently not.

However, nothing should come as a big surprise given that polls routinely show high support for lockdown policies, with a majority of Brits even saying they will miss “some” or “many” aspects of the lockdown.