White House Correspondent: Biden Doesn’t Know He Has A Press Conference Today

As America prepares to hear Joe Biden take questions from the press for the first time since becoming president, it seems that the man himself is completely unaware that the event is happening.

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy noted Wednesday that when Biden was asked if he was prepared for the presser, the president responded “what press conference?”

Doocy noted that he has “a binder full of questions” to ask Biden, because “it’s been a while.”

Some suggested Biden was joking, however video of the incident clearly shows he is just plain confused, again forgetting his precious mask to boot:

On Wednesday, Biden handed over yet more duties to Kamala Harris, while appearing to not know what he was doing:


Given that Biden’s handlers have desperately kept him away from reporters for two months, it will be interesting to see what on earth he comes out with when he can’t be pulled away from the cameras.

Will he even be able to step up on the stage without falling over?

Via https://summit.news/2021/03/25/white-house-correspondent-biden-doesnt-know-he-has-a-press-conference-today/