Western countries, led by the United States, launched a so-called mental war against Russia – a new type of war, the consequences of which do not appear immediately.

This was stated by Adviser to the Minister of Defense Andrei Ilnitsky in an interview with the magazine “Arsenal Otechestva”.

According to him, Western countries do not enter into direct conflict with Russia, because this threatens them with consequences that are too severe due to Moscow’s nuclear weapons.

Therefore, in the next ten years, the likelihood of a direct armed clash with these states is excluded, says Ilnitsky.

“If in classical wars the goal is to destroy the enemy’s manpower, in modern cyber wars – to destroy the enemy’s infrastructure, then the goal of a new war is to destroy self-consciousness, change the mental – civilizational – basis of the enemy’s society. I would call this type of war a mental one, ”the adviser said.

According to him, “the course of the evolution of consciousness cannot be reversed, especially since the consequences of this” mental “war do not appear immediately, but only after at least a generation, when it will be simply impossible to do anything.”

Among the measures of resistance to the “mental war”, the adviser to the minister referred to the sovereignty of the Internet, training of personnel for information countermeasures in the military and civil spheres, the reboot of youth policy, as well as the resumption of an active and broad dialogue with the “conservative majority”.

In November 2019, the law on the “sovereign Internet” came into force in Russia. It obliges telecom operators to install special equipment on their networks, which is provided by Roskomnadzor and through which the regulator can control traffic in the event of threats to Internet security. In addition, the law obliges the owners of communication networks and Internet companies to take part in the exercises, which are held once a year.

A new round of Russian-American confrontation began on March 17, when US President Joe Biden gave an affirmative answer to the question whether he considered Vladimir Putin a “killer.” In response, Putin wished his American colleague good health and offered to hold the discussions live. The Russian Foreign Ministry claims that the United States has refused to negotiate.

This, however, is a sign of the direction of the wind changing. The voices in Russia that claimed of a Western “psi-op” were pushed to the background, and largely disregarded.

Now it appears that they are entering the mainstream, and now play a central role, potentially in future policymaking.

Via https://southfront.org/u-s-and-co-leading-mental-war-against-russia-defense-ministers-advisor/