The Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) stage drills near the Russian borders on a regular basis. For the first time, Ukrainian Army has overtly declared that during the exercises they practice striking real targets on Russian territory, and not an alleged enemy.

On March 24, Ukrainian Joint Forces Command released a video showing military drills in the South of the country. It demonstrates targets on the Crimean peninsula on Ukrainian radars.

During the training, the artillery soldiers worked out dozens combat exercises, including interaction with artillery reconnaissance units and operational change of launching ramps positions. Anti-missile division conducted air monitoring and recognition of enemy air objects, using ‘Osa Akm ‘ air missile systems.

– According to comprehensive training, the regular calculations of the air force found a ramp from the territory of the opponent of unmanned aircraft and handed over the target coordinates to the command point of the troops group. For the destruction of the opponent, strength and means were involved. In addition, in order to suppress further attempts at the enemy’s intelligence to destroy his deployment points, a unit of jet systems ′′ Smerch ′′ was involved in the exercises. – said the commander of the joint forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Sergey Naev.

Ukraine Prepares For Attack On Crimea

S-500 Air Defense System Image via Military and Commercial Technology blog

Meanwhile, on March 22, Commander of the Russian Southern Military District claimed that Russian new long and medium-range air defense systems S-500 ‘Prometheus” and S-350 “Vityaz” may be deployed in Crimea in some moment. Now, the peninsula is under the protection of Russian S-400 “Triumph” ADS.

Such preparations by the Ukrainian military do not correspond to the official statements of Kiev that the Crimean peninsula is part of Ukraine. However, this is not surprising, since military attacks on their own citizens have become a common practice for the Ukrainian military command. At the same time Russian forces ensure protection of the Crimeans from their real enemy.