“Lockdown Children’s Rights”: We Are Killing the Souls of Our Children!

This documentary film “Lockdown Children’s Rights” by Patricia Marchart and Judith Raunig, cannot be endured by a person with a compassionate heart. It shows the terrifying effects of covid measures – which should better be called covid torture measures – on children and young people. It was co-developed with them and aims to give them a voice.

Video in German

Why do we still believe that politicians can be trusted and that they only have our health in mind with their illegal measures: whether masking or muzzling, whether social distancing, whether compulsory testing for small school children or compulsory vaccination for adults. All without scientific evidence!

Where is the outcry of fathers and mothers, kindergarten teachers and social pedagogues, school counsellors and school psychologists, parents’ and teachers’ associations, youth psychiatrists and lawyers? The use of drugs of all kinds, playing killer games, domestic violence, sexual assault and, above all, depression, suicidal thoughts and completed suicides have been skyrocketing among youth for months.

“I’ve gambled 2700 hours since Lockdown,” Anna, 19, calculated. She was supposed to be doing a work and travel year in America and now she would sit at home and not get away.

Why do we still think we can talk to these power- and money-hungry as well as corrupt perpetrators of these state regulations. No, they are too sick. You can’t talk to them!

We citizens must take our fate and our future into our own hands, say loudly and decisively NO! and force the state – non-violently, but through decisive action – to end this madness immediately! Otherwise we will be complicit in the murder of our children’s souls!

If we continue to participate in this, we will no longer be human beings, but remote-controlled transhuman and soulless human-machines – and that already today, and not only in the planned near future!

Via https://www.globalresearch.ca/we-killing-souls-our-children/5740617