On March 18th, US and China began a diplomatic meeting in Alaska.

It started with accusations from both sides of undiplomatic rhetoric.

According to Politico, the Chinese delegation violated protocol during the talks in Anchorage, Alaska and arrived there with the expectation of “playing to the public.” This was stated by a high-ranking representative of the Washington administration, Politico reports.

At the meeting in Anchorage, the United States was represented by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Presidential National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, and from China by Yang Jiechi, Head of the Office of the CPC Central Committee Foreign Affairs Commission, and Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Such “exaggerated diplomatic presentations often are aimed at a domestic audience,” an unnamed senior US official said, adding that the U.S. side intended to “outline for the Chinese delegation in private the same messages we have consistently delivered in public.“

The Chinese delegation, on the other hand, seems to have arrived intent on grandstanding, focused on public theatrics and dramatics over substance,“ the official added.

According to him, the representatives of the PRC violated the protocol by exceeding the time of their speech. The administration said they agreed on short two-minute statements from each high-ranking official.

According to the publication, senior American diplomats accused China of threatening world stability and Chinese officials alleging America is a human rights hypocrite due to its mistreatment of Black citizens.

“We do not seek conflict, but we welcome stiff competition, and we will always stand up for our principles, for our people, and for our friends,” Sullivan said at the top of the first meeting, according to Reuters.

Blinken said the U.S. will not stop holding China accountable for its actions in places like Hong Kong, where Beijing has cracked down on democracy; its economic coercion of other countries; or what U.S. officials allege is a genocidal campaign against Uighur Muslims in China’s Xinjiang region.

U.S. In Shock As Beijing Mirrors Washington's Rhetoric In Diplomatic Negotiation

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Without that rules-based order, it would be a “far more violent and unstable world,” Blinken said, according to CNN.

As mentioned above, Yang warned the United States to back off and accused it of hypocrisy.

He said the United States uses its financial and military might to bully other countries. He also said America had its own long history of human rights problems, alleging that Black people are being “slaughtered” in the United States.

The United States is used to a rather one-sided affair in every diplomatic exchange – it throws loud and shocking accusations, while the other side simply either defends, or keeps silent.

This is a first – China is treating the US the same way, and Washington is shocked, as this is unacceptable.

Washington’s officials saw a mirrored response to their usual conduct, and were caught unaware. This stands testament to the efforts of former US President Donald Trump and current US President Joe Biden in undermining the United States’ global hegemony.

Global policing appears to no longer be a given fact, and more and more surprises are likely coming the Biden administration’s way.

Or rather, as Joe Biden referred to Vice President Kamal Harris, once again, as “President” showing who is actually behind Washington’s chaotic and misguided policy.

Via https://southfront.org/u-s-in-shock-as-beijing-mirrors-washingtons-rhetoric-in-diplomatic-negotiation/