No, I’m not Open Minded

So you are having a discussion with a liberal. You present facts, and they present feelings. You discuss history, about which they are obviously blank. The conversation is becoming a waste of your time because all they do is parrot talking points from CNN, with no factual content. With every fact you present, their eyes glaze over, and you realize you are casting your pearls before swine. Then your sparring partner throws out a standard chunk of liberal tripe, “I think we can compromise here. You have an open mind, don’t you?”

No one wants to admit that their mind is closed, because, well because, uh, that kind of person is just not as… or I mean that such a person can’t… or uh, well you know what I mean. Everybody wants to be liked, and to be liked we have to agree with others, and not be critical, and not be negative, and get along, and well everybody wants to be liked.

In this article, I aim to ease your stressed mind about being closed to garbage. You and I know they are only employing a manipulation tactic, tempting you to entertaining an idea that is patently idiotic, just to be liked. They won’t accept the proper response, “Of course I have an open mind, but…” They have just tied having an open mind to agreeing with their position on the benefits of socialism, destroying the entire economy over a flu bug, or killing their own children in abortion clinics.

Here’s how I respond to this bait. “Well, no, I don’t have an open mind. My mind is not like a public toilet, wide open to receive whatever intellectual hairball you picked up at a party last night. On the contrary, my mind has a price of admission. You had better be presenting me with an idea of value. It might be intellectual, comedic, wry, empathetic, patriotic, satirical, scientific, witty, tragic, literary, musical, or poetic. It might even be an idea that is off target, but presented in an attitude receptive to correction.

“In no way will I entertain an idea touting an historically failed human experiment, for example that socialism has faltered in the past but only because it has not been run by the right people. That’s sheer stupidity, and my mind, having seen a lot of 20th and 21st century capitalism, conservatism, liberalism, communism, and socialism, knows what works and what doesn’t. I’ll be happy to learn new and correct things from you, but if you are telling me that good is evil and evil is good, my mind is closed not just to your ideas, but also to you. Have a nice day.”

I know that >99.84% of TBP readers think and act like this already (which is coincidentally the US Covid-19 survival rate, according to the fake numbers from the CDC web site). You don’t put up with foolishness in any form. When a liberal asks, “You have an open mind, don’t you?”, you are more likely to just walk away than debate a moron.

Let me encourage you to hang in there for one more exchange, and respond as I have outlined, above. It won’t change the liberal’s mind, but there are others listening who may, just may, be influenced by this new idea. That new idea is that our minds are not and should not be open sewers. For some, that’s all the prompt they need to start thinking for themselves.

We should teach others by example that it is perfectly acceptable to close one’s mind to idiotic garbage spewing from the human oral cavity. That’s part of the responsibility of freedom. Certainly you understand that that by closing your mind to stupidity, you sacrifice being liked. But you knew that already. Some young people have never considered that they should filter the information entering their heads, or not value so much being liked. Until you bring that new idea to their attention, that is.

You will be doing someone else a big favor because once a person opens his mind to just anything (and I know people like this), it becomes a boiling cauldron of conflicting stupidity, with facts and opinions carrying the same weight, and feelings trumping them all. That person becomes a total liberal burden to the rest of us in free society, and is useless to everyone except government as a compliant sheep. Baaaaaa.

I had a teacher in school who famously said, “You can’t have opinions about facts.” A fact is a fact, regardless what you think or feel about it. Deal with it and structure your life to make the best of it. Or change that fact if you can, legitimately, with hard work and tenacity. Liberals, however, see facts as malleable, covering them with the lukewarm putty of their feelings, twisting them with lies and insinuation. You and I know that does not change the facts.

For a refreshing exercise, let’s review some facts.

Every year of my life some liberal has said that we only have 10 years left, whether from nuclear war, pollution, global warming, the population explosion, or whatever. Fact is, we’re still here. It took me some years to realize that I had outlived the apocalypse numerous times and I needed to reject that fear mongering bilge.

Fact is, the coronavirus is less than a thousand atoms wide, and goes right through all common masks to a greater or lesser extent.

Fact is, everyone, and I mean everyone, has been exposed to the coronavirus. If you have not gotten sick, then that means your healthy body has fought it off.

Fact is, the coronavirus is being used to engender submission in the open minded population. And submit they have!

Fact is, the best defense against the coronavirus is to stay healthy. There are supplements that assist your body in doing so. Look it up.

Fact is, the coronavirus death rate is so close to zero that you’d have a hard time slipping a rolling paper in the gap. The coronavirus was to have killed millions by now, but it didn’t happen. The CDC admits now that only 6% of deaths attributed to coronavirus are due to only coronavirus. That figure brings the US covid survival rate up to 99.99%.

Fact is, socialism killed north of a hundred million people in the 20th century, and counting abortion and Chinese genocide it’s having an even better 21st century. Coronavirus be pure envy. If only we could buy stock in death (NYSE: DEATH?).

Fact is, at this point fossil fuels are by far the best energy source for planet Earth. There may be nuclear fusion in our future, but not the near future, so we need to make the best of the source we have.

Fact is, wind power stops working when the wind stops blowing, or the turbines freeze or burst into flames.

Fact is, solar power stops working well in less than full sun, and when it’s dark, you know, at night, requiring expensive energy storage facilities (batteries, pumped hydroelectric).

Fact is, the purpose of government on Earth, every government at this point, is to grow government. You as a citizen are only a means to that end, and if you resist, they will simply kill you. For proof, investigate the open mind of government by not paying your property taxes for a couple years.

Fact is, >99.84% of politicians are corrupt. And >99.84% of citizens know it. (Why does this number keep popping up?) The rest died in New York nursing homes. Ok, that last bit was not a fact, but it sure makes good copy.

Fact is, most of the fact checkers on the Internet are liberal hacks seeking to deceive people into full blown socialism. They cannot respond to real facts, so they lie about them!

Add your own facts here.

I had a friend whose email tag line was this: “People may not remember what you told them, but they will remember how you made them feel.”

Every time I read that, it made me feel bad. Why, I wondered? Because, we live in a shallow society of emotionally frail people. They have few beliefs, and what they have are poured into their daily feed bag by media. Feelings are paramount, and subservient to facts. No wonder our society is failing spectacularly.

My brother or sister in truth, be a champion of the truth. Our place is not to stomp on frail people, but to do what public education has abandoned as their mission, present the truth and stand on it, expecting others to do the same. Some of these liberals are beyond hope, so don’t cast your pearls before swine. But some are salvageable, and you know who’s worth the effort, particularly the younger ones. Do not ever sacrifice the truth, and the facts, to someone else’s feelings. Be a champion of the truth!

Here’s a warning. We both know champions of the truth who are total jerks. That’s not constructive. Being a champion of the truth with dignity and decency is a great virtue. There are men and women in my past whom I knew would not put up with any foul thinking coming out of my young mind or mouth, and I was careful to consider my thoughts before speaking. Not that they would jump down my throat, but they certainly did kindly pull me up short on any such bad thinking. I respect those people to this day, and credit them for helping me think properly. If you treat people, even liberals, with respect while you present the truth, you will end your life with many thankful converts on your side.

I’m counting on readers to add a load of other plain facts in the comments. Many of the commenters on TBP are champions of the truth without being jerks. That’s a rare thing in conservative Internet circles. Unfortunately, not too many liberals are benefiting from their wisdom. Get out of your little circle of right thinking people and put that powerfully closed mind to work!