How We Beat Weaponized Hypochondria

Why does the Left win? The main reason is that the opposition – such as it is – agrees with the Left.

There are many examples of this, including among others agreement in principle with such moral atrocities as “taxes” – i.e., the euphemism for the taking by force of other people’s property – which the opposition doesn’t oppose as such but merely seeks less of, or for different purposes.


But the most relevant example – because everything hinges on this one – is the incapacity or unwillingness of the opposition to the Left to oppose the weaponization of hypochondria.

This is what took the tan off the Orange Man, who would otherwise be president today rather than his senescent opposition – which put the Orange Man away by weaponizing hypochondria.

The Orange Man didn’t oppose it. He facilitated it, by standing mute – like a spray tanned wooden Indian – for months while President Fauci ran the country into a state of sickness psychosis. This, in turn, made it easy for the Left to “steal” the election – which the Orange Man gave away – by using fear of sickness to keep much of the country from voting in person and to enable lots of voting without persons.

The Orange Man failed to prevent this, by allowing the Left to spread the fear of sickness – the weaponization of hypochondria.

Then he failed to take steps to prevent voting by mail – and without vetting. Some will rationalize this fail by claiming the president lacks the formal power to intercede in such a case. Which may well be true. But it’s beside the point. The Left is never hobbled by such obeisance to protocol. It seeks power with the trueness of a sharpshooter – which is why the Left usually wins.

The lesson is obvious.

If you want to defeat the Left, then oppose it. 

Above all, this means opposing the weaponization of hypochondria, because it is upon the enduring hystericization of the population that the success – or failure – of the Left depends. Without the excuse of death in the air, everywhere – which it isn’t – the Left no longer has the power to steal elections or steal rights, in the name of “stopping the spread,” forever amen.

Opposition to the Left must therefore not accept an iota of the Left’s weaponization of hypochondria. There is no death in the air, everywhere. There is only another bug that can be a serious threat to a very small percentage of the population – which has every right to reduce its risk by whatever measures seem reasonable and tolerable to themselves. But this loathsome notion that everyone else is obliged to give up their rights for the sake of reducing this risk – for the sake of other people’s unhinged fear – has got to be rejected. 

Because it is wrong.

Not because the risk is slight – if it exists at all – for most people. But because people – all people – have the right to weigh and assume risk for themselves. What must be blasted into millions of pieces if not vaporized altogether is the principle that a handful of busybodies – no more than a few thousand of them, all told – have the right to deny anyone that right because they regard the risk as unacceptable.

Going forward, opposition to the Left – if it is to succeed – must refuse to tolerate the least giving-in to weaponized hypochondria.

It must stop mealy-mouthing agreement with the narrative as by the Orange Man’s pathetic recurrent references to the “deadly China virus” – as by the current fellating, practically, of Operation Warp Speed, the Orange Man’s delivery of the American people into the hands of the pharmaceutical combines, who intend to use weaponized hypochondria to force every American to receive (and pay for, via taxes) a “vaccine” of dubious origin and potential effects, which no otherwise healthy person should even be considering receiving. 

Much less forced into submitting to.

Any elected official who claims to oppose the left who wishes to remain in office – or seeks election to office in opposition to the Left – must oppose openly and completely any edict forcing any person to wear a “mask” as a condition of employment or of being allowed to engage in commerce, or for any other reason. Must refuse to give the slightest countenance to the legitimacy of “mask” wearing outside the surgical suite.

Must articulate clearly and with proper outrage the tyranny of “locking down” any American not in prison, duly convicted of a criminal act. Must defend the right of free people to freely associate, to freely travel. Must reject state-sponsored terrorism in the form of Leftist panic-mongering over an illness that does not kill 99.8-something of the otherwise healthy population.

Must be willing and able to explain the facts and give the context and stop giving in to the Left’s unspeakable terror tactics clothed in the false pieties of “caring” and “community.”

Any voter who opposes the Left who does not understand the critical importance of insisting upon all of the above is a person destined to remain in the dark as to why the Left almost always wins.