Video: Former Clinton Advisor Wolf Warns Dems Are ‘In An Embrace With Big Tech’ To Censor Dissenting Voices

Appearing on Tucker Carlson’s show Wednesday, former Clinton advisor Naomi Wolf warned that Democrats are aligned with big tech in an effort to ‘consolidate power’ by censoring and removing any opinions they disagree with.

The author spoke of how she has recently been suspended twice from Twitter, noting “I’ve been talking about all kinds of things for years on social media and have never had this problem until I talked to a conservative about how left and right should unite to save the Constitution.”

“It’s really a very kind of CCP [Chinese Communist Party] type of conditioning to kind of conform and watch our words,” Wolf urged, adding “It’s censorship.”

Wolf added that “Unfortunately, my side, the Dems, are kind of in an embrace with Big Tech to kind of consolidate power on social media and drown out conservative voices.”

“It’s not good for the country and it’s not good for our union,” Wolf emphasised.

The author also referenced her last appearance with Carlson when she warned that the US is devolving into a ‘totalitarian’ police state under the Biden administration as endless lockdowns and restrictions show little sign of being lifted.

“One of the things that I was calling attention to before I got de-platformed is the fact that Big Tech is part of the shape of lockdowns, the way the policy unfolds,” Wolf said, adding “So we do have to seize our Constitution back and call out Big Tech for censorship and for exploiting these divisions.”