Introduction To The Origins Of The Deep State In North America (Part 1)

Last week, I delivered an interview on Patrick Timpone’s One News Network on the theme of How Britain Recaptured America.

The reactions I’ve received have taken the extreme of gratitude for shedding light on a lesser appreciated dynamic of history, to outright indignation that I am either taking cheap shots at the British Royals or trying to deflect from the “real agents of global evil”. Who many believe those true agents of evil are vacillates between either the Jews, the Chinese Communist Party, the Russians or just the Americans themselves. However, despite all of those alternative view points, I contend that the causal nexus of modern history is to be found in an understanding that the British Empire, not only DID NOT disappear after WW2, but is in many ways more influential today than ever before.

By approaching history shaped by a battle between British and American systems of social order (which represents much more than merely British or American nations per se), a “master key” to unlock the secrets of Britain’s takeover of America (and Europe) throughout the 20th century can be  found by exploring the strange case of Canada.

What is this “strange partly British/partly American monarchy of the Americas”? At the best of times it was uplifted by the constitutional traditions of those Presidents like Lincoln, McKinley, Harding, FDR and JFK, and at the worst of times it was a platform to spread British intrigues upon the world exemplified by the Montreal-based assassinations of American System leaders Abraham Lincoln in 1865 and John F. Kennedy in 1963. Today those intrigues are felt by the role of Rhodes Scholar Chrystia Freeland and the modern Round Table movement of Ben Rowswell (Chatham House Canada President) who have together played leading roles in the attempted coup in Venezuela, protection of fascists in Ukraine and advance of NATO against Russia and China.

 It is from this vantage point that I will be presenting several chapters from my book series the Untold History of Canada with this reconstruction of history. This exercise will begin with the British-funded America Civil War in 1860-1865, and end with the waves of assassinations of the 1960s that gave birth to the “post-industrial society” and 1971 floating of the US dollar.