“Fear Eats the Soul”: It’s a “Political Issue” not a “Corona Pandemic”. Fear Triggers Helplessness

Angst essen Seele auf” (Fear Eats The Soul) is the title of a German melodrama by iconic director Rainer Werner Fassbinder from 1974. Every former “Altachtundsechziger” knows this multi-award-winning film. It influenced filmmakers worldwide. In the current situation, one is reminded of him with a sore heart: For over a year, nefarious politicians and doctors, with the help of the journaille, have been stirring up irrational fears of illness and agonising death by suffocation among the citizens in order to discipline and control them. Their goal is the establishment of a “New World Order”. They are thus doing the work of the devil and not the work of God.

The 96-year-old doctor and highly decorated scientist Professor Karl Hecht from the former German Democratic Republic (GDR) pointed out in an interview by “QS24.tv / Natur-Medizin” already recorded in December 2020 that the true causes are overlooked in “Corona”. It is a normal infectious disease, he said, which is well managed by a healthy internal environment, including above all a strong immune system.

We are currently confronted with a “political issue” and not a Corona pandemic, says the world-renowned professor of neurophysiology. It is an “air pollution and electrosmog pandemic” onto which Corona has been “grafted”. With the administration of vitamin C (ascorbic acid), the current infectious disease could be well controlled – as it was in GDR times after the Second World War. China has already successfully demonstrated this in 2020.

Fear, which is stoked anew every day, is also a strong sickening factor that also triggers a desperate helplessness. One must always orient oneself towards health, not illness. All measures taken by politicians on higher orders, such as restriction of freedom, banning of demonstrations and social isolation, were counterproductive and further pathogenic factors.

The video of the “QantiSana.TV Fernseh-, Produktions- und Betriebs AG (QS24.tv) Schweizerisches Gesundheitsfernsehen”, Department of Natural Medicine, can only be recommended to anyone interested. It is extremely informative and has a calming effect. According to information from QS24.tv, you can set any desired language as subtitles on YouTube.

Via https://www.globalresearch.ca/cause-overlooked-corona-fear-eats-up-soul/5740097