The Greek Lockdown Covid Junta Exposes Itself

Greece once more is entering a new decade with a new national sellout hanging over its head: a 35% division of the Aegean and 3,700 islands or islets under the bargaining table, some of which will be taken over to serve Turkish expansion under the directives of the Germans who always wanted Turkey in the EU.

Beware The Ides Of March

A barrage of newspaper exposures and arrests of close associates of Premier Mitsotakis as (previously convicted and currently unconvicted) paedophiles from the Director of the National Theatre, allegations of NGO child trafficking via relatives and now the open and blatant police brutality which has shocked most Greeks has led to daily demonstrations and riots which will end up this time with the fall of this Government.

Since I last wrote a piece on Greece, I stated “In the end, only a Grand Coalition of all Covidian parties will become inevitable, either as a consequence of a rebellion or prior to one…” It appears once more that events have overtaken even my cursory analysis.

The prolonged Lockdown (started in November 2020) has taken its toll because only 600k Greeks are furloughed, add the other 600k Greeks who work for the public sector and that leaves about another 3m off any payroll and having to survive either from small business credits, food kitchens or relatives who might be pensioners (numbering around 3.5m). It was inevitable that in the end a rebellion would occur and an inconsequential spark would lead to riots. Once the genie is out of the bottle, it is now difficult to put it back in.

The riot police who are the advanced guard of the 75k police force (2nd most in all EU states as a % of the population) have been acting like an occupation force by targeting the weakest in society or those on their own. Stories have emerged of undressing female students including their underwear, dragging young adults from the hair along pavements, entering shops without warrants and cracking heads open, taking out guns and pretending to shoot, threatening lawyers on a march, and smashing up cars of citizens in areas they have targeted. In other words, the usual run of the mill practices which characterise banana republics in decline. Make no mistake about it, this time the whole atmosphere is different.

Having enforced 300 Euro fines for not wearing masks in public whilst walking out of one’s house, having imposed SMS messages to leave the front door and having imposed masks for all children way back in September, the pressure cooker of Lockdown inevitably would emerge. Once the police attempted one more overreach by finding a granny who was selling her wears to fine, or a pensioner to hold in a neckhold (both events have actually occurred), an explosion of people’s anger could erupt and it did indeed erupt when they beat up in a public square a single young adult over and over where his screams ‘I Am Hurting’ have become a national cause celebre.

This is in contrast to the Premier who has been seen cycling in the woods and stopping for selfies, having meals on balconies when visiting the island of Ikaria, and generally showing an appearance that the Covid measures are solely for the plebs, not the political elite.

The area known as Nea Smirni is a newish 1960s-style-built suburb relatively close to the centre of Athens which in the last elections returned New Democracy and is generally wealthy without any open signs of social decay like other suburbs in Athens despite the decade of the Troika ‘bailouts’. It came as a surprise to most why the open viciousness of the police would target people on a Sunday. Subsequent to this, a demonstration occurred the same evening outside the police station of at least 1,000, and the following day numbers of around 15 -20k marched once more to the police station.

The Ιnterior Minister (known as Chrisohoidis but with the popular nickname Juntahoidis), famous for cracking heads open in another square (Ag. Panteleimonas) almost a decade ago when people were protesting illegal immigration and then on the islands of the Aegean (Lesvos, Chios, Samos) against sprawling migrant camps in 2020, sent in riot police on motorbikes to break up the rally. This is a tactic they had used successfully in the protests against the Troika almost a decade ago. But this time round they failed as a single policeman was dragged off the motorbike and beaten to a pulp.

Geopolitical Backdrop: Aegean Sellout To Support Neo Ottoman Expansion Plans?

Greece once more is entering a new decade with a new national sellout hanging over its head: a 35% division of the Aegean and 3,700 islands or islets under the bargaining table, some of which will be taken over to serve Turkish expansion under the directives of the Germans who always wanted Turkey in the EU. When Turkey created sea rights with the disputed government of Tripoli, it directly went into areas of Greece and its islands.

The Aegean Sea is split in half by the Turkish-Libyan (i.e. Tripoli) agreement.

This did not lead to a condemnation of Turkey in Brussels or the Hague, nor did the tens of thousands of air space violations of Greek territorial air space.

Turkey is in the grip of an economic collapse and involved in 3-4 territorial disputes with army spending truly high in its neo-imperialist adventures, but at the same time it’s in a geopolitical rift with the USA.

Hence we have a revamped US presence in Alexandroupoli in Greece and talk about a closure/reduction of the Incirlik airbase and relocation to Crete. These moves as with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline are in conflict with Germany. Germany controls the Greek tourism industry and has massive investments in Turkey. By default, German geopolitical interests are aligning with Russia and Turkey while Greece’s align with the USA. This geopolitical conundrum is ensuring once more that Greece is entering troubled waters and the Greek Premier Mitsotakis is walking a tightrope.

If Mitsotakis agrees to a sellout of the Aegean sea to Turkey without recourse to a national referendum and after Greeks went through the Prespes sellout once more without a referendum when neither of these geostrategic decisions were in any manifesto of any political party when they were elected (I.e. Syriza in 2015 or New Democracy in 2019), this begs the question of who truly runs Greece?

As with the negotiations with Turkey, Greece has essentially been presenting Turkish positions in order then to support them, from Turkish entry to the EU to collecting its surplus migrants as if they were tourists, which was described in a nutshell in a previous piece. We are dealing with the best proponents of Neo-Ottomanism in the EU.

New Democracy – Implosion Awaits

Its origins are in the Quisling administrations of interwar Greece and the defeat of the Left in the Greek Civil War (1946-49). It operated death squads both during the civil war and subsequently, and has been involved in political murders right up to the 1960s when they killed Panagoulis, the head of the Greek peace movement, during the height of the Cold War.

After the fall of the last Junta (1967-1974), they allegedly democratised the organisation and they have had an amazing ability to appear both patriotic and nationalist whilst being one of the main promoters of Greece’s pro-EU path, promoters of globalisation and now rabid supporters of extended and indefinite Covid-1984 Lockdowns.

There are essentially three factions that overlap depending on the situation: the hyperglobalists around the Mitsotakis clan (close associates of Prince Charles and the Bush clan); the nation-state Karamanlis faction; and the ‘nationalist’ Samaras wing. What unites them and drives them is power and a tight balancing act which many times both in the past and in the present are thrown off course by external developments.

When widespread electoral fraud was exposed in the 1960s, the Mitsotakis clan defended it, heralding in the US 1967 Colonels Coup. When Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974, the Karamanlis faction made the infamous statement “Cyprus is too far” to do anything. When the Berlin Wall fell, the Samaras wing started the open love affair with everything Albanian and encouraged a mass movement of peoples from there to Greece. In a nutshell, Greek politics are determined by whatever the demands dictated by foreign powers at any given moment in time may be.

The actual party is made up of small businessmen but run by the Greek offshore shipping oligarchy which is in tandem with the globalists. The actual calibre of the political class is currently so low that Mitsotakis has surrounded himself solely with yes-men who do not at all report the situation but probably have enough spies in operation to comprehend that a rebellion would break out.

Their only two options available are either to leave office or to intensify the conflict (i.e. go over to direct martial law using the armed forces). They have now openly declared that they will ban all celebrations for the 25th March which is the Anniversary of the 200 years of the Independence of Modern Greece from the Ottoman Empire. In addition, the shipowners organiser of the celebrations, Aggelopoulou, spoke about joint celebrations with the modern creation of Bangladesh as a state which fall on the same calendar month!

Whilst the rebellion was afoot and rallies were planned and occurred in about 30-odd Greek cities with the slogan ‘Enough’, the PM’s sister’s (ex-Mayor of Athens Bakogianni) motorcade had a deadly crash at the entrance of Parliament killing the young passenger point-blank but no one was arrested, neither were witnesses called who were there. This type of ‘above-the-law’ attitude of those associated with the political class show that the popular mood has shifted significantly, and if a section of the US establishment wants to aid in removing the Mitsotakis clan prior to any agreement with Turkey, then they have a number of ways of achieving this as they are past masters in this.

The problem this time is if the people get carried away and sweep away the whole rotten Greek political class alongside them.