This is fascinating data from the CDC. It seems the country was conducting over 2 million tests per day leading up to the presidential election and now that Dementia Joe is in the White House, they are only doing 1.3 million tests per day, a 35% reduction. Why would that be the case? Didn’t Basement Biden say they would be ramping up testing?

The day Sleepy Joe took office, the WHO announced that the PCR levels on testing should be reduced in order to capture less false positives. Shockingly, daily cases have plunged from 250,000 per day to 66,000 per day, a 70% decline since China Joe took office. It’s a freaking miracle and we owe it all to Emperor Gates, the Big Pharma jab, that troll Fauci, and of course lockdowns and masks. All hail our glorious leaders.

Of course we should ignore the data showing the exact same trend in Sweden and in states that didn’t lockdown or require masks. And how dare you question the narrative or speculate that tests and cases were ramped up to dispose of Trump, as part of the Plan. That makes you a white supremacist insurrection supporting Nazi.