Mirror: Vaccines have Nanoparticles and Aluminum that Seem linked to MANY issues

This video was mirrored from the channel, Creative Geniusess, which was first uploaded on January 4, 2021.
Doctors Speak about Aluminum NANOparticles in Vaccines that enter Brain Nano particles bind tightly to pathogens and doctors states they KNOW that they enter the brain, and that they have no tested it enough to know how it effects the body. However, study show that the nanoparticles DO enter the brain and that they can persist in the years for decades. They are seeing a large amount of aluminum nanoparticles in people with Alzheimer’s, and that the vaccines are known to cause inflammation. They also state that autoimmune diseases are rising exponentially, and they think it’s likely due to molecular mimicry, which ultimately turns the immune system on itself.

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