The Astana Syrian Peace Process Is Politicized By Western Proxies

The 15th meeting of the International Syrian Summit within the framework of the ‘Astana Peace Process’ was held in Sochi, Russia on February 16-17, 2021.

The Astana – Syrian summit – peace process came up with a joint statement from Syria, Russia and Iran. Turkey was present during the negotiations but made no statement at the the joint statement presentation by the representatives to the press.

The joint statement emphasized that the stabilization on the ground is necessary and the territorial integrity of the Syrian state is the first priority. The elimination of terrorist groups and the protections of civilians is at stake, the illegal annexation of the Syrian territories of Idlib an Hasaka by Western proxies, the US and Turkey. Also, the illegal governance of some parts of the sovereign state of Syria are at stake, meaning the Kurds. Furthermore, they condemned the illegal, according to international law, hostility of the state of Israel, which has been conducting air raid attacks, just one day before the start of the conference on February the 15th, attacking the Golan Heights and Damascus. Furthermore, it stated that the issue of the the Syrian Constitutional Committee, a United Nations processthat seeks to reconcile the Syrian Government headed by President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian opposition, in the context of the Syrian Astana peace process, by amending the current or adopting a new Constitution for Syria. Its current head is Geir Pedersen. The statement emphasized that the UN committee should implement Resolution 2254, mentioning that the political process and adapting a new constitution must be and will be determined by Syrians only and no interference of other countries and proxies whatsoever.

Syrian Government Statement

The statement of the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR) delegation headed by Dr. Ayman Sousan, Assistant Foreign and Expatriates Minister pointed out the following;

1. First of all he thanked his Russian friends for standing with Syria in combat with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) to fight the internationally supported terrorists, who destroyed and are still destroying some parts of Syria.2. The Syrian Arab Republic (SAR) and its partners Russia and Iran made it clear that Turkey fully understands that they will eliminate Turkey‘s sponsored terrorist groups in Idlib. According to the SAR, Turkey violated the previous agreements and therefore international law. The Turkish regime is backing terrorists and illegally occupying Syria‘s territory. Turkey, together with the US, is the occupying force in Syria. Furthermore, Turkey allows its sponsored terrorists to hold people in captivity in so-called refugee camps. Also, so far 2600 violations against the ceasefire are reported.3. The Turkish regime has cut off the water supply in Hasaka eighteen times, sometimes the cuts lasted more than one month. The illegal presence of Turkey and the US is the key factor preventing the re-establishment of stability. The US is looting and stealing Syria‘s resources, the oil.4. The illegal sanctions on Syria, called the CAESAR Act, has done some real economic damage to the Syrian people and must be lifted.

Finally, he pointed out that a dialogue on peace or the implementation of the UN Resolution 2254 is for Syrians to decide. It must be a dialogue between Syrians and not to be politicized by Western proxies.

Statement By The Syrian Opposition

A statement was made by a delegation from the Syrian opposition, one of its representatives Ahmed Toma. He is a member of the General Assembly of the so-called Syrian Opposition Coalition. Its headquarters are in Gaziantep, Turkey. The SOC is funded by Turkey and Western governments. Turkey wants to bring Idlib under Turkish rule. They recently opened schools on the principles of the Muslim Brotherhood ideology, Quran schools. They all have close connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. Their stance against the Kurds, which is Turkey‘s official policy, becomes painfully clear from their statements on their website.

The goal of the National Syrian Coalition is to establish an executive branch that will carry out the following goals:

* To unify support for the joint leadership of the military council, the revolutionary council, and the FSA. The FSA is a Western-founded and sponsored militia.

* To generate a fund to support the Syrian people through international coordination.

* To create a Syrian National Legal Committee.

* To establish a transitional government after receiving international recognition.

The NSC Short Statement

They emphasized backing of the new (UN) constitution and their willingness to participate, however they mentioned straight away that they actually want a new constitution to get rid of the criminal regime in Damascus, which they pointed out, is according to them illigetemate. Furthermore, they blame the Syrian government for the economic crisis, without mentioning the CAESAR Act, the illegal sanctions from the West.

Statement By The Islamic Republic Of Iran

The representative of Iran Ali-Asghar Khaji, the senior assistant to the Iranian Foreign Minister,condemned continuing Israeli military attacks in Syria in violation of international law, international humanitarian law, and undermining the sovereignty of Syria and neighboring countries, as well as endangering the stability and security in the region. He also called for cessation of them as can read in the final statement.

Furthermore, he was concerned about the looting of the oil, the resources in the SAR, and the Kurdish independent aspirations. He affirmed the commitment of Iran to fight against terrorism. Also, he emphasized that the Syrian constitution is a Syrian issue. Iran can only help to broker peace.

Statement By The Russian Federation

Head of Russian delegation, Alexander Lavrentiev,reaffirmed the effort of the Russian Federation to combat terrorism and assist the SAA. Also, he stated that the Syrian opposition must be involved in the peace process, but they have to abandon their radical ideas and ideology.

He warned against the meddling of Western proxies to launch another so-called chemical attack. He also said that the Russian Federation is very worried about the Western proxies who are trying to escalate the situation in Syria by either a military confrontation or, as he stated, a new chemical attack by the proxies of the West: The White Helmets.

He also mentioned that Russia don‘t want the conflict to be politicized and affirmed it towards the Turkish regime.


To my opinion, Turkey is playing, as usual, a deceiving role in the Syrian conflict, as they did from the start of the conflict in 2011. Under the pretext of the Kurdish problem, they are illegally occupying the Idlib Province. Their goal is annexation of Idlib province, by building schools, religious centers, and so on. The so-called opposition are the proxies of the Turkish regime. Turkish and US troops should leave the sovereign state of Syria, then a real change will come. Also, the illegal sanctions are killing the people of Syria and the West should lift the sanctions and declare the CAESAR act illegal according international law.