Epiphany. He Saw The Light.

LOL. But seriously, it is significant, especially for office plankton and other hamsters–members of the witnesses of anthropogenic climate change cult. 

Bill Gates says reducing greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050 “will be the hardest thing humanity’s ever done”, but could potentially be achieved with the use of nuclear power

Rosatom smiled at Bill approvingly, who, BTW, doesn’t even have formal education being a dropout from college after two years but sure as hell exhibits a lot of “authority” on the issues he has zero background in. But, hey, as I said today in previous post–maybe someone in his circle of sycophants will have enough courage to tell Bill to stick to what he knows best–writing code and ripping people off. He obviously lacks in terms of knowledge of real economy and how it works, but sure, even this short exhibition of a common sense, granted for all the wrong and risible reasons, is important because of Gates’ high public profile among the “meat generation” and other representatives of post-industrial delusion.  

I think the weather in Texas and few other mid-West states, as well as Germany’s “triumph” in suiciding her economy for the sake of “green” delusion, may serve as a good illustration of how real, aka physical, economy sector, especially its power supply should be kept in the hands of professionals. Or, as Slade used to sing:

If not, I don’t even want to go there. I have a huge chapter on that in my latest book. Energy=civilization, the rest is a BS for the consumption of uneducated and uncultured.  


Listen attentively to REAL reasons for Texas calamity–lack of power generation.