On November 14, Moscow was rocked by a powerful event in support of the new leader of the non-system Russian opposition (at least if you believe MSM) – Yulia Navalny.

According to pro-Western Russian-language media, the event shows that the ‘totalitarian Putin regime’ is about to fall.

The all-women event in Moscow started at 14:00 local time with a large success. Only one (!) girl came to participate in it in time. The girl (in a red hat) was surrounded by journalists and became a local star as she at least was able to explain why she came to the place of the event (a major success for Navalny supporters).

About 20 minutes after the start of event, a group of women simultaneously came to the place and started to create a ‘chain of solidarity’ in the area. They remain silent and is not able to answer to questions what black hearts that they hold mean.

Apparently, contrary to the first girl, this is a pre-organized (at likely pre-paid) group of professional ‘supporters of Navalny’.

The total number of participants in the event is about 100 people (some counted over 200). This number almost reached the number of journalists that came to cover the event.

A short reminder: The official population of Moscow is about 12 million people, while the real one is about 15 million.

One of supposed Navalny supporters that came (a bit late) to support the event:

Fake Leader Of Fake Opposition: One (!) Person Came In Time To Participate In Protest In Support Of Yulia Navalny In Moscow

Foreign Puppets United: Tsikhanouskaya Promotes Navalny’s Wife As ‘Leader Of Russian Opposition’:

Fake Leader Of Fake Opposition: One (!) Person Came In Time To Participate In Protest In Support Of Yulia Navalny In Moscow


As the bane of foreign meddling in Russia’s sovereign affairs and boy-toy of MSM Alexey Navalny retired from the scene after he finally faced the widely-expected, but still pretty soft punishment for his multiple violations of the law. So now, the masters behind the attempt to destabilize Russia need some another fake leader of their network of influence. Fortunately, for them, there is a candidate.

Svetlana Tsikhanouskaya, which was proclaimed the ‘winner’ of the presidential election in Belarus by NATO member states, but fled the country and is now hiding in Lithuania, is already promoting Navalny’s wife, Yulia, as the ‘leader’ of the ‘Russian opposition’.

It is interesting to note that Svetlana and Yulia have a lot of things in common. Their husbands are detained (Navalny recently got over 2.5 years for the violations of the term of his suspended sentence over corruption). They both receive direct support from the official enemies of their countries. They both promote steps that, in the event of success, will lead to the destabilization and dismantling of the countries of their origin. And they both call for more sanctions against the countries of their origin, for the ‘good of their nations’ for sure (at least according to their official positions).

In an interview with France Presse, Tsikhanouskaya turned to the wife of Navalny saying that she should take her husband’s place.

“When they throw our men behind bars for agitation and a desire to improve life in our countries, we, the wives, can only take their place and support them,” Tsikhanouskaya said.

This statement goes fully in the framework of the MSM propaganda campaign that is now making a ‘new leader’ of the Russian opposition from Navalny’s wife. Therefore, soon, we will see the new former leader of the hardcore pro-Western, neo-liberal clique interested in the destruction of Russia that prefers to call itself ‘non-system opposition’.

The Navalny team and its masters already used the support from MSM, Big Tech and their own influence network to use children in anti-government protests in Russia. So, it will be useful for them to get a ‘fresher face’ to lead the protest, especially if this is a woman. Taking into account the modern trends in the West, the female face to formally lead the push to destroy Russia is a pretty ordinary move.

Via https://southfront.org/fake-leader-of-fake-opposition-one-person-came-in-time-to-participate-in-protest-in-support-of-yulia-navalny/