Authored by Jennifer Lahl. op-ed via The Epoch Times

To me, one of the scariest questions God can ask me at The Judgement Seat is;  “What have you done with the time I gave you?”.

Many years ago I heard James Dobson talk about a study he did involving very old people. He asked about their regrets.  I believe he listed four major regrets. I don’t remember three of them. I do recall this one. He mentioned that practically none of them had regrets concerning their careers, money , work, or what they hadn’t achieved. Instead, the number one painful regret came from failures in their relationships, especially with their children, and not spending more time with loved ones.

Q:  What have you wasted your time on?  Stated another way; if you could live life over, what would you eliminate?


What prompted today’s question? I was on The Dashboard page of TBP, and glanced at this ……. “872,531 items“.  Holy shit, that’s a LOT of posts. Being here from pretty much the beginning, I probably read all of them. And then I thought, “Jeebus! I wonder how much time I spent doing that??” Well, if I spent just one minute on each post that’s  … ohmigawd, I can’t believe this … 606 DAYS!! Holy shit.

It gets worse.  The “Posts” page shows that I’ve submitted 1,098 articles. Holy shit. Most are copy and paste … but, that takes time also. And, some of my original articles have taken me 20 or more hours to produce.  I’m not even going to do that math … to effing depressing.

I’ve probably easily spent three full years … like 24 x 365 … of my life on TBP!   I’m not saying it was a waste of time!  What I’m saying is …. HOLY SHIT!!!!

(Then again, what fucken good have I accomplished?  Do NOT answer!!! That’s my rhetorical brain asking myself a rhetorical question.  Really.)

Ok ,to answer the question;  I spent way way way to much time fixing up my first house.  it was a 70 year old house, had it for about three years, and I worked on that thing pretty much every damned weekend and a few days in between.  Put a lot of money in it and got none of it back when we sold it. I vowed never to plow big bucks into a house again.  For the most part, I kept that vow.

But, the Biggie is Television!!!  If I averaged just one measly hour per day — again, a low number — then I’ve watched about 24,455 hours of TV.  I’m sorry for repeating myself, but … holy shit!!!

God:  “Stucky, what have you done with the time I gave you?”

Me:  “I spent 4.7 years on TBP and 24,455 hours watching TV.


THE END — (Literally. I’m going straight to hell.)