False Hopium and the Pompadoured Fail

Well, it’s over – and now the time has come to sort through the debris. Where to start? How about with what is – as opposed to what was hoped for – and what that means, going forward.

Whether the Pompadoured Failure failed because of this, that or the other thing is open to discussion. What isn’t is that he failed. He is gone – and his replacement is in. This is a hard fact and goes down hard but hoping otherwise – that there will be a “second inauguration” is of a piece with hoping for the second coming. It may – but counting on it is apt to leave you feeling pretty hopeless when it doesn’t.

Though perhaps hope does spring eternal. Nietzsche had some thoughts about that, but never mind.

What we know is that, courtesy of the fail – and belief in the “second coming” – those who didn’t support the Pompadoured Failure’s replacement are now on on notice. They are targets. They will not be protected by the government that is now in full three-branches control of the Pompadoured Failure’s putative opponents.

Italicized for cause; bear with.

They have also been made objects of ridicule – an important thing, if you are among those who despise those supported the Pompadoured Failure. It is now congealing that not only are the people who supported the Pompadoured Failure “domestic extremists” and “white supremacists” – including, presumably, the record number of black and other not-white folks who supported the Pompadoured Failure – they are also buffoons, like the Pompadoured Failure.

It is easy to portray them as such when they Tweeted and bee-lieved in the likes of Lin Wood and the Imminence of Epstein, just you wait! In the coming of the “kraken,” the retired generals said so!

Well, they waited – and now they laugh.

Anyone who fell for it now looks the fool. And fools are not taken seriously. Think David Icke and shape-shifting reptile queens of England. Now think “white hats” and snatched Pelosi laptops and My Pillow Guy and that guy who thinks avian reptile aliens and “Jinns” are real … and so is a Trump second term.

People who supported Trump because they saw him as a slightly less awful alternative to what has been selected as his replacement are being lumped in with those people. It won’t be hard to ridicule any opposition to the “new normal” now.

And the Pompadoured Failure egged it on. He had meetings with My Pillow Guy at the White House – but he didn’t fire Fauci. He also didn’t rehire the general who putatively supported him – and who spent the two months after the Election Fail encouraging those who believed it might be reversed to bee-lieve in that delusion.

Making them look . . . delusional.

Some on the Pompadoured side of the aisle still believe – if you can believe that – and thus appear even more delusional. In their own way, they are as pathetic as the double-diapered hypochondriacs who still bee-lieve they’re likely to die from a virus that we know doesn’t kill 99.8-something of the population.

As with them, facts have no curative powers. One must just bee-lieve.

And never criticize.

This writer has been denounced already for refusing to drink the Pompadoured Kool-Aid. Or at least, for refusing to take another gulp of it. I admit – ruefully – that I had a taste and liked it. It took awhile for the effects to wear off – something that happens when you stop taking gulps. The hangover is a bitch, but better to deal with the situation as it is than how we hoped it might have been.

Which, by the way, may well have been the plan all along.

Is it not at least puzzling that the Pompadoured Failure never questioned much less opposed the thing that caused the Failure? He agreed with the hysterical narrative about “the “pandemic” . . . which, he said “would kill millions”   . . . were it not for the beneficent actions of his Pompadoured Self. But it was precisely these actions – and non-actions, such as not firing Fauci and above all, permitting millions of absentee ballots to be counted before they were vetted – that assured his replacement.

Only an imbecile couldn’t have seen it coming – a year ago.

Is the Pompadoured Failure an imbecile? This seems improbable. So what, then, is he?

Two options come to mind.

The first is that he is an incompetent narcissist, too self-absorbed to imagine he could ever play the role of the “losers” he so often derided on TV. Too lazy and politically obtuse to look into it – and understand what he was up against. In which case, he is merely a failure; another in along line of Republican ineptitudes. A man out of his depth, adroitly played by people much more sophisticated than he.

The second is we were played.

And the Pompadoured Failure played his part. He set us up like pins at the bowling alley – and now comes the knocking down.

We’ll soon know – by what happens, as opposed to what was hoped for.

Via https://www.theburningplatform.com/2021/01/24/false-hopium-and-the-pompadoured-fail/#more-232563