Hyperbolic COVID Modelling Oracle Predicts Nothing More than Typical Winter Flu Season

“We are in a desperate situation, and when you see the [COVID] modelling, you’ll fall off your chair,” [Ontario Premier] Ford said Friday during a news conference filled with dire warnings of what Ontario faces from COVID-19. 

Fall off our chair laughing…. As an Ontario nurse wrote me yesterday, his hospital’s ER is running at half-capacity (despite “surging cases” of this common cold virus). Seems people are healthier than ever. Maybe they are getting more sleep during lockdown, more home-cooked meals? Or maybe they’re just too darned scared to go to the hospital?

Yet Ford’s consistently hyperbolic COVID modelling oracle sees “the province’s intensive care units to be filled beyond capacity by early February.” Granted, that’s actually a fair (and easy) prediction, considering that ICUs are often beyond capacity at this time of the year, as the CBC reported back in pre-COVID January 2019.

And, yes, I would also agree with Premier-Dictator Ford’s statement:

“We are in a crisis, that’s how I can describe it. It is scary. This is the most serious situation we’ve ever been in, ever, ever, since the beginning of this pandemic.”

A “crisis” of government lies, inhumane control measures and economy-shattering lockdowns. This could indeed be the “most serious” situation we seen since the beginning of the pandemic. After all, a dark of winter of lockdowns is already producing the following symptoms: SuicidesDomestic violenceDrug overdosesAlcohol abusePsychological depressionMissed surgeriesPoverty-related illnessesNeglect of the elderly.

If you don’t have a No More Lockdown sign on your front lawn yet, please, ask yourself why not? If you haven’t written your officials, why not? If haven’t lost friends speaking up against this evil, why not?

Via https://www.globalresearch.ca/hyperbolic-covid-modelling-oracle-predicts-typical-winter-flu-season/5734217