The Israeli military has dropped leaflets over Syria’s southern region with a direct threat to a senior Syrian Arab Army (SAA) officer, opposition sources reported on January 7.

In the leaflets, the Israeli military warned the commander of the 112th Brigade of the SAA’s 1st Corps, Brigadier General Basil Abu Eid, from cooperating with Lebanon’s Hezbollah. The leaflets threatened his life and the lives of those around him.

“Hezbollah brought destruction and instability to the [southern] region, because of it you and the army [SAA] in general are paying the price,” one of the leaflets reads. ”It’s about time for Hezbollah to leave Syria, it’s time for Hezbollah to leave the 112th Brigade.”

A day earlier, a series of Israeli strikes hit targets in southern Syria, including a base of the 112th Brigade. Sources in Daraa said that a building located next to the office of Brig. Gen. Eid was struck.

Last October, the Israeli military dropped similar leaflets with threats to senior commanders in the 1st Corps, including Brig. Gen. Eid. Early on November 18, Israeli airstrikes destroyed the personal office of Major General Akram Hawija, commander of the 1st Corps’ 7th Division. Hawija was one of the officer named in the leaflets.

On November 25, more leaflets with threats to the commanders and soldiers of the 1st Corps were dropped over the southern region.

The Israeli threats are meant to intimidate Syrian officers and drive them away from Hezbollah. This new tactic reflects the desperation of the military planners in Tel Aviv, which has been trying to push Iran out of Syria for years now with no real success.