OPCW chief dodges questions on Syria cover-up after new leaks, attacks on whistleblowers

For the first time, OPCW chief Fernando Arias was asked a series of direct questions at the United Nations about the cover-up of a Syria chemical weapons probe. He answered none of them.

Russia’s UN ambassador asked Arias about several damning leaks, some revealed by The Grayzone, as well as ongoing deceptive attacks on the veteran scientists who challenged the censorship of their investigation. Arias refused to answer in public session, and gave vague, non-substantive answers in private.

Aaron Maté recaps the unanswered questions to Arias, as well as recent attacks on the OPCW whistleblowers via Western state-funded outlets Bellingcat and the BBC.

Via https://thegrayzone.com/2021/01/03/opcw-chief-dodges-questions-on-syria-cover-up-after-new-leaks-attacks-on-whistleblowers/