The Russian Navy’s Admiral Gorshkov frigate fired a Zircon hypersonic cruise missile from the White Sea at a target position located in the Barents Sea, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on November 26. According to the official statement, the Zircon missile successfully hit a sea target at a distance of 450 km. The flight speed of the missile was more than Mach 8.

This was the second launch of the Zircon missile by the Admiral Gorshkov. The first test-launch took place in October 2020.

Meanwhile, at the Sary-Shagan testing range in Kazakhstan, the Russian Aerospace Forces once again test-launched a missile from its modernized anti-ballistic missile system. According to Lieutenant General Andrey Demin, commander of the 1st Army of Special Air and Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense of the Aerospace Forces, the test“reliably confirmed the missile’s characteristics” and the simulated target was hit.

the Russian side did not name the missile system but it is believed to be the PRS-1M interceptor missile, which protects Moscow and other strategic sites from incoming enemy missiles. According to reports, the missile can use both nuclear and conventional warheads. It can hit targets at ranges of 350 km and altitudes of 50 km. It’s set to become a part of the A-235 anti-ballistic and anti-satellite missile system “Nudol”. The system in development will replace the current A-135. The system has both anti-ballistic and anti-satellite capabilities.