Meet the 1,300 HP Rezvani Hercules, the World’s Most Powerful 6-Wheel Truck

The god of all trucks is here. Rezvani has just revealed the new Hercules 6×6, and it’s already been crowned the world’s most powerful six-wheeler.

The Hercules is actually an elongated riff on the 500 hp Rezvani Tank. It’s built from Jeep Wrangler underpinnings just like its four-wheeled predecessor but has been stretched to 20-feet to accommodate an extra axle, supersized load bed, and, of course, two more hefty 37-inch wheels. It’s also packing far more power.

Just like its mythological namesake, the truck is characterized by its Herculean strength. Its tuned Dodge Demon supercharged V8 can churn out a downright brutish 1,300 horses and 989 ft lbs of torque. That’s more than double the grunt of its six-wheeled rivals, the Mercedes G63 and Hennessey VelociRaptor 600, which deliver 536 hp and 600 hp, respectively.

An eight-speed auto transmission taken from the Dodge Ram TRX distributes all that power to the wheels, and the truck is capable of two-wheel, four-wheel and full six-wheel-drive on demand. It’s also fitted with custom Fox Racing suspension with Dana 60 axles for ample ground clearance and to ensure the truck can tackle all types of hellish terrain.

The level of customization is no less impressive. You can tailor your supertruck to the nth degree via the Californian marque’s nifty configurator tool. There are, in fact, three other engine choices if the range-topper proves a little too much. You can pick between several colors and finishes and opt for a multitude of winches or tow hooks. There are also three different suspension setups and two different brake kits.

The interior can also be tweaked, but the standard edition is no slouch: It comes with luxurious custom-stitched Napa leather seats, a suede headliner and a 9-inch infotainment screen that’s compatible with Apple CarPlay.

Of course, if you really want to double down on bad-ass energy, opt for the Military Edition, which includes ballistic armor and bulletproof glass, FLIR night vision, a self-sealing fuel tank, a smoke screen, electrified door handles, underbody explosive protection, sirens, strobe lights, gas masks, and even a hypothermia kit. Bring on the apocalypse.

Unsurprisingly, this beast costs a pretty penny. The Hercules starts at $225,000, while the Military Edition starts at $325,000, and those figures  could easily climb to half a mil with optional extras.