Fewer than half of Americans are very likely to comply with another lockdown, polling shows

Fewer than half of Americans say are very likely to comply with another lockdown, despite growing concerns over the coronavirus pandemic, the latest Gallup polling shows.

About 49% of Americans polled between October 19 and November 1 said they would be very likely to stay home for a month if health officials recommend it following a coronavirus outbreak in their community, down from 67% in the spring.

While 18% said they were somewhat likely to comply, a third of respondents said they would be unlikely to comply with lockdown orders — double the rate seen in the spring. 

Though Americans are less willing to stay at home, the results show they are more worried about the pandemic, with 61% saying they believe the situation is getting worse, compared to 40% in April.

Political divide: The results show a political divide in those willing to stay home. About 40% of Republicans polled said they were willing to comply with a stay-at-home order, down from 74% in the spring. In comparison, 87% of Democrats said they would likely comply, a slight drop from 91% in March and April.

About 82% of people said they were confident in their ability to avoid infection, compared to 64% in March, which could play a role in Americans’ willingness to stay home.

Mask wearing: Health experts have said that mask use could significantly reduce the need for another lockdown.

Only about half of Americans reported wearing masks in April, shortly after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggested the practice for the general public. The number rose to 92% in July and now sits at about 88%.

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