Poverty By A Million Laws

So, what does COVID-19 and Vaccines have in common with poverty?  Well, it’s quite easy to see that this entire Plan-demic was a problem / reaction / solution paradigm, which are famously used by government to further their agendas (More on that in a minute), and the plan of course was to get the serfs to pay for Health Insurance, which means more money comes out of your pocket for each member of your family too I might add.

The money printing wealthy running the show globally & through Government(s) have some agendas, they are basically subjugating the masses with abject poverty, which forces their dependency and need for more of the fake money their governments print, and laws are how they devalue the hyper printed fake money they pay you with for everything you do (For them, via working at their corporations) or will create / have in the future (Property Taxes), this of course is what leads to the poor getting poorer and the wealthy owning everything under the sun.  Poverty is the worse form of violence and death (Other than torture), because it’s like dying in slow motion with much pain & anguish, indeed it saps you of all will & strength to fight too if you start going hungry, and you begin to lose hope, which leads to turning towards solutions you know are very bad like drugs or extremely expensive government programs (You will pay for it eventually believe me).

Because the wealthy own all of the major food, medicine, water, energy, and product creating corporations, they get to control prices across the board, because they own the big retailers too!  Though price fixing is supposedly illegal, the laws of course do not apply to corrupt corporations who are above the law, not a person, and often are not subject to national laws either, but governments have also been found guilty of hoarding food supplies to drive prices to the roof too.

It’s not just laws that make you poor though, indeed there are millions of laws designed to tax, charge you fees, make you pay fines, and imprison anyone who breaks the criminal laws, because nobody is perfect & they bank on that very simple fact!  When you are imprisoned you of course lose everything you own more often than not, they can also confiscate all of your personal property and your vehicle when they catch you breaking the law, all it takes is a contraband / illegal substance in your car and boom, they rob you!  (It’s called Asset Forfeiture)

Inflation (The value of money declining through rising price / purchasing power) also makes people poorer, but so does getting sick too, and you know when you get to the hospital or doctor, you’re going to pay dearly for any service of any kind.  Medicines are of course are usually not even 90% effective, though some may actually be 100%, and many medicines have very serious side effects, like death even.

It’s like gambling your body can handle the medicines they are pumping into your body, if they prescribe the wrong medicines it can also lead to worse symptoms, and it’s impossible for a doctor to know with 100% accuracy the best solution for all of your problems or have foreknowledge how your body will react to any medicines prescribed.  It’s like going to a drug dealer and asking for a cure, they’ll give you some illicit drugs, make you pay a lot, and it will literally kill you eventually.

(Because profiteering has gotten so bad, many doctors have literally become drug dealers.)

So, why do all of these poverty inducing realities exist one might ask?  As I’ve already outlined one above, to reduce the value of the fake money you are paid to work for, but also to continually increase the need for “More Government Solutions”, and the lawmakers just can’t go without a job, so they need to create the subject to be debated so they can write new laws.  The oppressions, suppressions, and repressions continue to pile upon the backs of everyone else, while the wealthy money printers get to have parties, go golfing, go to retreats around the world, and have meetings with other world leaders to see how their (Economic / Financial / Population Control) “Plans” are coming along, yes really they do collaborate globally.

You could honestly say that those seeking to profit off of everyone else’s labor have got it all figured out, but there’s just one thing they didn’t foresee, and that’s what they call terrorism, which is where the poor start getting angry to the point of lashing out against the public massively.  Terrorism can also be used by governments to spawn debates or control an unruly public to strike fear in people, but all solutions (Laws) of course only results in the working class paying for it, as per usual, and here we are back to the essential problem, law, it makes the people poorer.

Laws seem like a great idea, but who follows those anymore?  I see people break laws every day, hundreds of times a day, sadly the poorer serfs have to listen to the not so poor working class serfs dictate “That’s the law”, and threaten to call the police if you don’t comply, or will snitch you out if they see you breaking the law.  Do yourselves a favor & never call the police, just get armed & be prepared for any future violence, cause it’s likely coming soon thanks to the increasing poverty.

Poverty not only breeds crimes, it breeds terrorism, and it’s why organized criminals are forming large local gangs to control areas.  It’s also why many even so called “Upstanding Citizens or Government Workers” have turned towards corruption, and it’s even reached the university level, but the corruption is slowly beginning to be exposed thanks to the internet.

So, the wealthy elite have, for lack of better words, devised their own demise by pissing on everyone else with their “Laws” (Read Taxes & Extortions), and because the corruption has reached new heights (Points at the Bioweapon COVID) and new lows (Points @ Obamacare), the citizens are going to start getting a lot madder and a lot faster.  Nevermind that the illicit drug trafficking only increasing the dangers of citizens becoming “Unpredictable”, uncontrollable, and dangerous to everyone around them, because even the cops have admitted they cannot control the drug epidemics.

Obviously some very evil people are behind the entire drug world, not even Batman can save the people or children now, and it’s sad that the world is so very evil & corrupt every where you turn, for this reason it’s so very hard to trust people these day too.  Trust was something that meant something a long time ago, you could trust your neighbors, but today you fear them, and it’s all because poverty makes people do bad things, indeed they often choose to do very bad things too.

Not only has crime & terrorism risen to uncontrollable levels, poverty too is about to rise to uncontrollable levels, and it will also entail famines, supply shortages, and much worse.  I don’t think these horrible diseases are the only thing on the menu either, as evil scientist keep playing god, and energy corporations keep destroying the earth, well, there will be consequences far beyond the earthquakes that destroy cities or towns from fracking oil corporations, for certain.

Indeed, we’ve already seen that weather is starting to become strange and unpredictable, much like people, it’s also getting much colder faster too, and the seasons seem to be changing as well.  These are indeed strange and scary times we live in, but you can bank on a few things, the lawyers will keep writing laws, the bankers will keep printing money, and the corporations will be seeking new ways to profit immensely off of everyone else and the earth itself (Irrespective of the damages done).

(Sadly, that’s not even touching the toxic & radioactive dumps they left everywhere, whoosh!)

I’ve already outlined that we need to start seeking real solutions fast, however, because of the pervasiveness of evil, corruption, and violence rising everywhere you turn, especially from people we should trust, well the world is driving towards a very nasty end.  I do not suspect most will be prepared for the poverty that is coming, it’s going to grip the world immensely, most will not be able to cope, and many will begin taking their own lives or even the lives of others out of anger and anguish.

Before I close this blog post, I want you to consider the dangers of over legislation, over taxation, and the entire financial mess we are in from modern money theory / MMT (e.g. Inflation), we just cannot simply go on like this thinking there are no consequences for ignoring justice.  If the government ignores corporations or government departments doing evil, shall not evil fall upon the very government elected who turn a blind eye to justice for some donations or bribes from evil corporations or bankers?

You know what the problems are now, you have no excuses, and if you don’t do anything, well you already see what the reward will be.  If you ignore the truth, shall you escape it?  Prepare and talk with others about preparing for the coming great global depression, it’s going to hit almost everyone, and the consequences of ignoring reality will only harm you and everyone you know.

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