Woman Who Voted For Trump In Texas Shocked To Find She Also ‘Voted’ Via Mail-In-Ballot In California

A woman who says she voted in person for President Trump in Texas was shocked to discover that voter records showed she had also apparently voted in Orange County, California via mail-in ballot.

The woman gave permission for her name to be revealed and is happy to talk to law enforcement or Trump campaign lawyers involved in current election litigation.

Amanda Murphy moved from California to Texas a year ago and voted for Trump in the 2020 election.

However, when she checked voter records on the official voterstatus.gov website, it showed that Murphy had been registered as a “permanent vote-by-mail voter” in Orange County with a party preference of Democrat and that she had been mailed a ballot on the 5th of October.

The records also show that this mail-in-ballot had been received and accepted in Orange County on November 3rd, despite the fact that the woman had not voted in California.

Murphy says she has never voted by mail in her life and that the last time she voted in California was in 2012 for Barack Obama.

The woman was further surprised to learn that records also say she voted in 2016, when she didn’t vote at all.

The Trump administration is currently pursuing litigation in a number of states in an effort to investigate allegations of vote fraud in numerous key swing states.

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News