As the US President Election 2020 is yet to be officially declared finished (there are still votes to count and the Trump team is going to challenge results in many areas in courts), mainstream media and leaders of NATO and some European states already congratulated Joe Biden with the victory. The congratulations were provided by the leaders of Canada, France, Israel, Venezuela, the United Kingdom, Belgum and others.

Such great persons like Ukrainian President-Comedian Volodymyr Zelensky and leaders of the Belarusian and Turkish opposition did it among the first. The statement of the Ukrainian president about the fight on corruption is especially funny amid the numerous corruption scandals involving the Biden familiy and the post-2014 coup political regime in Kiev.

The media-reported situation in the election:

The Canadian Prime Minister that had particular problems (as well as other pro-globalist leaders that suffered from the Trump national-oriented policy) with Donald Trump rushed to declare his support to Biden:

Israeli Prime Minister:

The French President:

The British Prime Minister:

The top German officials also supported Biden and complained that Trump’s unwillingness to accept what he called the ‘rigged election’ may lead to the “constitutional crisis”.

The demonstration of happiness of the globalist-oriented elites regarding the supposed victory of Biden (it is still not official) demonstrates the scale of their dissatisfaction with the policies of Donald Trump as well as the rise of the national-oriented ideology of the US citizens (middle class, workers, employers and owners of small and medium businesses , representatives of the national industry etc) that the Trump presidency demonstrated.

The potential loss of Donald Trump will mean the loss of these people. Instead, the United States will fall deeper into the ideological and political dominance of globalists, neo-liberals, the aggressive part of minorities (in fact demanding the discrimination of non-minority social groups) and technological corporations.

At the same time, Donald Trump, widely censored in MSM and social media, says that he won the election (if only legal votes are counted) and that he is not planning to surrender his victory to the globalists:

Meanwhile, SouthFront’s friend, The Saker, released two intersting comments on what’s going on in the United States:

Ask yourself the crucial question: why?

Why is it that US news channels censored a press conference by a President of the United States?

Why is it that tech giants feel the need to censor Trump’s tweets?

Why is it that in key Dem states the GOP observers were not allowed to actually observe anything?

Why did the Dems counter-sue just to try to prevent GOP observers from observing the ballot count?

Why do the media conglomerates all declare Biden the victor even though they all know for a fact that this is false (only the courts can declare a victor)?

Why is it that FoxNews was spearheading the anti-Trump cheering during this entire week?

Why is it that the US deep state needs EU leaders to suddenly all congratulate Biden on a victory?

Think of what is coming next: lawsuits in state and federal courts, right?

Then IF the Dems felt confident that the Trump campaign had no case, why not simply relax, wait and see the courts reject the Trump campaign’s petitions?

But no, instead, they are acting exactly as if they were all terrified that the courts might do something which would compromise the victory of the Biden campaign!

The very fact of the need for such extreme haste and such un-retractable statements can only be explained by the fear of the Dems that something in their coup plans might go wrong.  And, after all, it is said that Giuliani won over 4000 lawsuits in his career, and he would scare me too 🙂

So, in a way, we could consider the Dems massive push to win in the court of public opinion a clear sign that they are much more afraid of a court of law.


Will they succeed?  Yeah, probably, Trump’s “aggregate power” is dwarfed the the power of the multi-billion dollars interests who are using all their “propaganda firepower” to settle the issue before the courts get to.

Yet another proof that the Dems are no democrats at all, but a completely immoral gang of USA-hating thugs who are willing to destroy their own country to defeat any outsider, good or bad, daring to challenge them.  They very much remind me of Kerensky and his own gang of masonic plutocrats.

Still, until we actually see that the USSC is also willing to betray the people of the USA, we can still keep a tiny little sense of hope in our hearts.

But we now all better prepare for the worst, because if the USSC also caves in, it will be the end of the United States as we know them.