“Like WWI”: Rare Video Of Armenian Forces ‘Face To Face’ With Azerbaijan Army

The Armenia based film studio Bars Media released new documentary footage this week that showed the ongoing Karabakh conflict from the perspective of the Artsakh Defense Army (ADA). The rare footage shows 21st century warfare, yet interestingly it follows soldiers in frontline trenches as if it could just as easily be a World War I setting.

In the documentary, the Artsakh Defense Army can be seen monitoring the movements of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, as they push towards their positions in the Karabakh region.

Following the up close footage of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, the Artsakh Defense Army’s soldiers discuss their previous engagements in battle.

“Coffee tastes better under attack, doesn’t it?” one soldier is heard saying during a lull in fighting.

Meanwhile on Saturday in the biggest battle of the ongoing Karabakh conflict, the Artsakh Defense Army (ADA) has managed to stifle all Azerbaijani attempts to capture the strategic city of Shusha.

According to the Anna News Agency, “serious battles are going on near Shushi and let’s say right away that the situation there is difficult. But there is one point that cannot be overlooked. Finally, the ADA brought armored vehicles into battle.”

Anna News said that the arrival of armored vehicles “means that the air is reliably closed. A week ago, it would have been difficult to imagine this.”

The report continued: “This armor would be burned from the air in half an hour. And now the ‘boxes’ go forward and work on the enemy. This means that the technical superiority of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces is gradually fading away.”

Via AlMasdarNews.com