CDC Latest Confession: Almost No One Infected Died From COVID19!

The CDC last week released the latest survival rate figures from COVID19 and, as usual, complete silence from the mainstream media? The reason? Astonishingly LOW numbers of people dying from this pandemic.

The US government’s official survival rates (i.e., IF infected) for Covid19 are as follows:

0-19 99.997   Percent

20-49 99.98   Percent

50-69 99.5   Percent

70+ 94.6       Percent

Read the latest CDC update here:

Now keep in mind that the virus has never been isolated and replicated to create a ‘gold standard’ – no scientist, no university, no lab claims to have been the first to do so.  COVID19 thus does not pass Koch’s Postulates so it’s existence cannot be considered irrefutable.