The new Chinese bomber surprised everyone on the networks, and then a stunning rocket appeared / photo, video

A video circulating on social networks shows a Chinese H-6N bomber, with weapons that insiders from military circles claim are new hypersonic cruise missiles.

Footage of a large H-6N bomber landing at the airport with a rocket placed under the fuselage appeared on social networks . Although the video is interesting regardless of the type of weapon of the bomber, since the new type of X-6 bomber debuted only last year, the analysis of the missile gave a startling conclusion: it is probably a hypersonic missile.

While military analysts have considered numerous possibilities that hypersonic weapons could be in question, insiders from the People’s Liberation Army claim that it is a hypersonic cruise missile, modified from the slower Changjian missile .

” Changjian- 20 has existed for more than a decade. “While other countries are racing to develop increasingly advanced defense systems and other hypersonic weapons, it was time for the Chinese Air Force to have an upgraded missile with an increased range of attack, ” said one of the military sources.

“Currently, the Chinese air force is limited by the capabilities of its bombers. Of the H-6 bombers, only the H-6N variant can be refueled with airborne fuel, resulting in an obvious weakness in range. That forced the air force to upgrade the missile in order to alleviate the range problem “, the sources specify.

Another source from military intelligence circles states that the weapon is “designed to compensate for the shortcomings of other projectiles, which are relatively slow, shorter range and less effective in breaking through defensive shields.”

“This new missile can match similar weapons developed by Russia or the United States. But we still have to improve our bombers to reach their full potential. “

As for the location of the landing of the landing bomber, military expert Rod Li from the Chinese Institute for Space Studies at Makwell Air Force Base in Alabama said that the bomber was probably filmed at Neixiang Ma’ao Air Base , which houses the H-bomber’s nuclear-armed fleet. -6.