The State’s Covid Response Is a Cancer for the Freedom of Humanity

“It is not true that the legislator has absolute power over our persons and property, since they pre-exist, and his work is only to secure them from injury. It is not true that the mission of the law is to regulate our consciences, our ideas, our will, our education, our sentiments, our works, our exchanges, our gifts, our enjoyments. Its mission is to prevent the rights of one from interfering with those of another, in any one of these things.”

 ~  Frederic Bastiat (1850). “The Law”, p.64

It is agonizing to discuss human rights, or rights specific to the people in this country, because at this point in time no rights exist. George Carlin explained this in honest and simple terms when he said: “There’s no such thing as rights. They’re imaginary. We made them up.” One of the main problems that would explain this phenomenon is the crutch for ‘rights’ in this country has always been reliance on the Constitution. This notion in and of itself explains everything about American’s misunderstanding of rights. The Constitution is a government document that supposedly outlines rights, but if government is explaining and dictating what rights exist, then none exist. To make things worse, this same document so seemingly revered by the public, gave the political class, the same political class initiating and putting into law this piece of parchment, unlimited rights to steal through forced taxation, powers to war, to control all commerce, to coin and control all money, to borrow money against the citizens wealth, and much more. This is all in Article 1, Section 8 of this heinous legislation. Contradictions at this level are always reserved for the ruling class.

My idea of rights is that there is only one, and that is a right to your own life; if you can keep it, and that right encompasses all other ‘considered’ human rights of freedom. In other words, each individual is responsible for protecting his right to life.  This can be accomplished individually or collectively, whether acting alone or with family, friends, neighbors, or community. If any acquiescence to the state or any ruling entity takes the place of the individual, all right to your own life ceases to exist. This in essence explains the notion that when the people in mass accept government, the destruction of freedom is imminent. All responsibility for one’s life, and therefore one’s liberty, rests on the defense of that liberty by each and every individual. Bastiat’s quote above clarifies this, but the flaw evident is this thinking is that any governing system would restrict its power to the point of only protecting the natural right of life of each individual. The only desires of government are money, power, and control, and once given any power whatsoever, it will go to any lengths to expand that power by destroying the individual spirit.

This is more obvious now than it has ever been in human history. Considering this latest state atrocity called Covid-19, we are facing not only an end to freedom in America, but across the globe as well. This is happening due to a complete hoax, a hoax so overt as to border on the absurd. The evidence against this fraudulent ‘emergency’ claimed to be a pandemic is overwhelming, but only a few have the courage to accept that truth. Most have failed as individuals, and instead have clung to the herd in an effort to remain anonymous, all the time losing more freedom and accepting more tyranny. This is the way of flight animals seeking protection in the herd, leaving only the ability to run and hide. While these attitudes should be foreign to humans, it is exactly how most are reacting today. Maybe that is why the ruling class seeks to create a transhumanist society in place of one that still allows for individuality in body, mind, and thought; a technocratic paradise for the governing class based on total population control.

This current response to this manufactured coronavirus pandemic is like a terminal cancer infecting society, and one that if not addressed immediately will drain all freedom from the masses, and instill all power with the claimed elites and their pawns in government. The entirety of the success of the state to implement these measures to control all of us relies on the weakness and acquiescence of the people themselves. Without conformity by the public, the only way for the state to accomplish its nefarious mission would be brute force. If that were the only option available to the ruling powers, they would lose, as when people are pushed to the brink with nowhere else to run, they will fight back. Those in power understand this dynamic, and have chosen to use fear mongering and voluntary compliance as the impetus for their planned takeover and global reset. At this moment in time we are standing on a precipice with the state attempting to push us over the edge. Once over that edge, there will be no coming back. This is why if the people fight back in mass, and withhold all support from the governing demons, we can awaken from this nightmare, and regain normalcy.

Do not give credence to anything this government or its media says, and disregard the words and actions of any of those who have been captured and their minds taken over due to the “invasion of the body snatchers” called the state.

Instead of taking the bait and condemning China for the release of a virus that has never once been identified, look toward China to see what is in store for all of us if this assault on freedom is not stopped. While China has Communist leadership, and has had draconian levels of tyranny, China’s growth and prosperity over the past few decades have been directly related to the U.S. in that American businesses and government had very much to do with the success of the buildup of China. This was by design. Even considering the only Chinese BSL-4 lab at Wuhan where this so-called virus was supposed to have started, there were very close ties and an intense presence with the U.S., and the U.S. funded that lab until the end of September of last year.

China is now being used as the model for the U.S and the world, and has built a technocratic design that is sought by the U.S. and the rest of the globe. The idea of a totally controlled society is not only alive and well, but is being implemented in China. Millions of cameras, mass surveillance, credit scores, forced lockdowns, color codes based on behavior that allow or do not allow the citizenry any capability to move or sustain life; all electronically supported by the state are present. And this is only the tip of the iceberg, as the technocrats seek to monitor and control every second of every life. Australia is currently advancing some of these policies, and the rest of the west, including the U.S., seeks to do the same. This is called a global reset for good reason, as the rest of the world will follow the staged, supported, and planned lead of China. They are all working in concert, so what you see in China and Europe is what the U.S. will bring here at the first opportunity.

The state’s reasoning to lay blame elsewhere is for one reason only, and that is to fool the people into accepting totalitarian and technocratic rule in order to save them from the scourge of a fake virus said to have been caused by a foreign monster from afar. To find the real monsters, look in your own back yard.