Lukashenko Fingers Soros-Backed Color Revolution Plot Against Belarusian State

The main aggressor towards Belarus is the United States. This was announced today, September 16, by Alexander Lukashenko.

“Now we can look back and analyze in detail all the stages of the scenario for the destruction of our country, which, fortunately, we did not allow to be realized and will not allow,” he said at a meeting with the political activists of the republic on Wednesday.

According to him, “the stage-by-stage analysis of events in the country reveals the true designs and tactics of not even the external opponents of Belarus, but the aggressors,” who “over the past ten years have been scrupulously preparing for the present time,“ 

“In order to remove all masks at once, let’s name these players by name. At the level of global centers, this is, first of all, the United States of America, more specifically, its network of funds to support the so-called democracy. American satellites actively operated on the European continent: Poland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and, unfortunately, our Ukraine, ” said the Belorussian leader.

At the same time, Lukashenko noted that each of these countries was fulfilling its role.

“The Czech Republic has been a resource hub for a long time, Poland – first as an incubator of media channels (Belsat, Nekhta and others), and then as a platform for alternative organs in exile,” he said.

In addition, Lukashenko also named Lithuania, “wounded by the BelNPP topic   (Belorussian energy concern -ed), as a battering ram of the Belarusian-European relations.”

“Ukraine, despite our constant support (for example, in matters of territorial integrity and others), contrary to the spirit of our relationship, has become an outpost of political provocations,” he added.

According to the President of Belarus, “we clearly see the subjects of this process, their guides and accomplices.”

“The organizers’ tactics were based on the classic American textbook of“ color revolutions ”. This is the well-known Gene Sharp, ” he said.

Foreign organizers, from Israel, the US, and countries in Central and Eastern Europe, have been spotted in Belarus, being supportive of the Color Revolution efforts.

This became a clear hot-spot for such activities, especially surrounding Covid-19. Lukashenko did not enforce a lockdown, social distancing, quarantine, or mandatory masks.

Atlanticist vectors which have been promoting out-sized concern for the novel coronavirus, were able to insert demands onto the protests to order quarantines and distancing from the government – a strange tempo considering the nature of opposite protests occurring organically in countries who enacted strict lockdowns.

Lukashenko noted that such protests receive funding from US-AID and the NED, supported also by George Soros.

At the same time, Lukashenko criticized the “unfriendly policy” of his neighbors.

“In recent years, we have lost the habit of manifestations of the unfriendly policies of our neighbors. But their anti-Belarusian essence has not gone anywhere and has manifested itself in full. And more than that: it came to an attempt on our sovereignty and even territorial integrity, ”he said.

Let us remind you that after the presidential elections in Belarus, protest actions began. Lukashenko blamed Western countries for this. Later, the director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Sergei Naryshkin announced that the United States was involved in the riots in Belarus According to him, Washington is trying to organize a “color revolution” and an anti-constitutional coup in the republic.