Antifa Arsonist Arrested Near Tacoma, WA After Live-streaming Himself

Protester Privileges’ decision to associate the subject in this article, Jeffrey Alan Acord with Antifa has drawn questions. Please read this From the Editor: Jeffrey Alan Acord and Antifa for more information on this decision.

Around 6 pm EST today a man named Jeffrey Acord called 911 to report a fire on the side of SR-167 near Puyallup, Washington. After calling the police, Mr. Acord then set to live streaming himself to his Facebook Page. During the video you can see the police question Acord and after a period of time, the video ends as they arrest him for Reckless Burning 2nd Degree.

The following is the Facebook Live video he posted.

Facebook Live video of user Jeff Demologik Acord

Mr. Accord has a bit of a history with the law and with protesting. In 2014 Acrod was arrested in Seattle, Washington during the Ferguson Decision Protest.

From a KOMO news report of the incident: Officers also found the man was carrying a 7-inch knife in his backpack, and had a box of ammunition, an assault rifle, a shotgun, and a box full of large fireworks in his car, police said.

Items found on Jeffrey Allan Acord during Seattle Protest in 2014

You can see below the charges that he was found guilty of from this incident.

2014 Charges for Jeffrey Alan Acord in Seattle, Washington

The fire was contained to the interstate and was contained and put out by the local fire department.

He is now sitting in the Puyallup, WA jail, charged with Reckless Burning in the 2nd degree. According to Washington Law, this charge is described as

(1) A person is guilty of reckless burning in the second degree if he or she knowingly causes a fire or explosion, whether on his or her own property or that of another, and thereby recklessly places a building or other structure, or any vehicle, railway car, aircraft, or watercraft, or any hay, grain, crop or timber, whether cut or standing, in danger of destruction or damage.

(2) Reckless burning in the second degree is a gross misdemeanor.

Washington Revised Code Title 9A. Washington Criminal Code § 9A.48.050. Reckless burning in the second degree

According to“This offense is a gross misdemeanor punishable by up to 364 days in jail.” Given the current climate lets hope they give him the rest of the year to think about the danger he put everyone in. In the live-stream, he can be seen pointing out a neighborhood close to where he set the fire.

Mr. Acrod’s continued involvement in Social Justice protest and ideology is apparent from social media post.

PP Staff can confirm that Mr. Acord has been transferred released from the Puyallup, WA jail to the Pierce County Jail where he was booked in under a separate Burglary 2 charge.

Jeffrey Alan Acord Booking Information Pierce County Jail

While doing more investigating on Mr. Acord, we noticed that content from his social media, including the photos above, were being removed. We were able to grab the video below from his Facebook prior to its removal.

Sources are also telling us, that Mr. Acord is now a suspect in two other local fires, including the Bonney Lake fire. We will update with more as more information becomes available.