This invention removes the large-obstacle Steering-Wheel between the driver’s knees, elbows and hands vs. the Dashboard. This provides comfort and Safety: Body, SMS & Chat. Note the 90 degrees Angle between the knobs orientations: this allows the one hand to turn one knob, till it lets the other hand approach the same initial angle on the other knob, e.g. each stroke is from -45 deg to + 45 deg around the vertical. In this prototype there’s also an angle of 120 deg between the knobs’ axes.

Handlesteer allows to improve the Driver’s Air-Bag, thanks to the fact that the Air-Bag doesn’t rotate anymore, i.e. is mounted statically. This would be achievable  by means of adapting the static Air-Bag’s geometry to specifically match the varying needs of,
and the distances towards. the head, neck & torso of the driver.

  • This invention of mine is intended to take away lots of effort & risk from car drivers.
  • Not incidentally crashing an elbows into a door, during a quick steering movement.
  • Keeping the body’s stature under wider circumstances including sharp turning, tangibly
    contributes to the driver’s health and safety.
  • Removing the big steering wheel, frees up lots of space of the knees and the hands.
    It also adds up to the FoV (Field of View) of the driver vs. the Dashboard (no wheel to conceal at its left, right and top rims). This allows to replace the knee-level central-console controls-panel with hands-on handling of the entire upper dashboard. Perhaps this could also ease and secure the handling of chat and SMS on the road – i.e. integrated in to the Dashboard like Infotainment is – while handling the touch-screen indirect adjacency to the main FoV facing the road ahead.
  • Cars today are ‘optimised’ at the single millimetre level, don’t typically fit quite well 6-foot tall drivers any more. A major constraint is the large distance from the top of the classical Steering-wheel to its bottom – Not so in my case!
  • Decades were lost trying joy-sticks, yet the car & driver experience substantial lateral accelerations, which mix into the human-driver’s control loop. In contrast, the present development lets the driver hold on to the handlebars, thus maintaining orientation.
  • The driver environment it overwhelmed with controls and vying for an ergonomic breakthrough. This invention might be this breakthrough.
  • Autopilot cars still need hands-on the wheel:
    – Look at the photos in the above link and see how the Traditional Steering-Wheel
    obstructs driver’s view and access to the left-hand portion of the Tablet HMI.

Via https://netzerconsulting.wordpress.com/2019/03/17/handlesteer/