Konrad Rękas

Various countries maintain a bigger or lesser extent of “anti-Covid” regulations, others temporarily (?) do not enforce them. However, there are voices about at least the possibility of restoring the wider packages of do’s and don’ts. What is missing is a basic analysis of whether and what has been achieved achieved with the methods used so far. And thus – it is impossible to find out what effects the centers that encourage to restore the lockdown expect.

What Was It All For?

As predicted, no matter what strategy was ultimately chosen – each government announced the success of its own. Any rational evaluation of the steps taken during the last 5 months turned out to be as impossible as before the intelligent responses to the pandemic. And for the same propaganda reasons. So, the more “all governments did everything possible and best to protect their societies from the coronavirus” – the less sense and logic in all of this. It is impossible to guess what else awaits us – since we do not even know what the introduced restrictions had been supposed to really serve.

Because if for the “starvation of the virus” and for the reduction of the number of infections to zero in some longer time perspective, we already know for sure what was announced from the very beginning, both from the epidemiological and common sense – that it is IMPOSSIBLE. But what is even more important – that it is also NOT TOO SCARY, because the virus is as harmful as you might suppose – that is, to put it mildly … not really. Or at least harmless enough that the extraordinary measures taken would only prove their INCREDIBILITY and EXCESSIVE onerousness.

Time has finally falsified the simultaneous justification of lockodown, i.e. the alleged overload of health protection, or at least fear of it. Today we know that medical services were not overloaded, did not even come close to their performance thresholds, but even their powers were much less involved in many fields than in previous years.

Reptilians Walk Without Masks!

Finally, what is especially interesting – all these conclusions are obvious not as a result of some secret knowledge, fantastic theories and searching for conspiracies. These are those who persist on wearing masks, social distancing, quarantine etc. – they behave in a dark, irrational and even … sectarian manner. Nevertheless, they continue to do so, confirmed in the rightness of their alleged attitude by the same authorities and the media giving facts confirming the opposite of the comments on them! 

The best proof of the irrationality of the COVID cult is the fact that, despite all the facts contradicting not only the scale of the threat, but also the threat itself, the followers still have not lost their faith in it. What we still do not know is WHY it was and WHAT FOR it is done now. And this is no less important in the entire history of the coronavirus, as compared to its disastrous (socially, economically, conscious and politically) consequences.

If, however, we were to point out the most obvious reasons (and in a way the goals) of the whole undertaking – again, solely on the basis of given knowledge, without regard to theories, secret laboratories and higher degrees of initiation, then two factors would turn out to be the most important: DEMOCRACY and CAPITALISM.

Crisis – the Result of the Lockdown

This media and party democracy ordered governments to be guided by the expectations (in this case by the fears) of voters. Any omission of the requested actions would be reflected in the polls and election results of the ruling parties. To the disadvantage of the rulers, there was also a deeply rooted and justified distrust on the part of citizens, always more willing to believe that “they are not telling us everything / the truth“. So, democracy choked on its own insoluble contradiction, forcing excessive and even unnecessary actions. After all, not the first time in the history of this system …

The universality of the whole phenomenon is best explained by the economic factor. Because by the way – what this manipulation is brilliant in its simplicity! There is talk of the “Coronavirus Crisis”. But till now COVID-19 has not destroyed a single workplace! It has not transfer trillions of dollars to the financial sector, it has not shut down businesses, shops or services, it has not fired anyone. The crisis was not caused by the coronavirus. The crisis is the result of the LOCKDOWN.

Thus, lockdown (not any pandemic – but only a reaction to it!) has led to an unprecedented demolition of part of the world economy, but its objective principle remains that if someone loses – others probably earn on it. In this case, we were dealing with an accumulation and correlation of events which (according to many analysts) were to lead to a financial crisis of at least the level of 2007/8 in the near future. Meanwhile, as a result of the lockdown and the programs announced during it, we are dealing with a clear shifting of the crisis from finance to the sphere of production and services. And again, the inevitability of crises in global financial and corporate capitalism has turned out to be a factor at least taking advantage of the coronavirus theme.

If to these two elements: media-party democracy and financial-corporate Capitalism – we add their main medium, their engine and the meaning of existence – human STUPIDITY – we will finally get an outline of how, why and what for anything as offensive as COVID-lockdown crisis could happened at all. And why it can come back and last forever. 

At least until we get rid of both democracy and Capitalism, returning to the World of rationalism, principles, freedom and common sense.